* do you really need clean underwear?

Posted on January 3rd, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


My Top 10

10 things you should know about me if you are going to read this blog on a regular basis, which I hope you will:

10. I have insomnia thus lunesta is my friend
9.   I prefer cheesecake over chocolate any day
8.   I am not always politically correct & I’m ok with that. I
      was a democrat before being a democrat was cool.
7.  It’s ok with me that I am not a size 2 (or 12 for that

6.  I believe everyone should be treated equally
5.  I am a sundrop drinking, fast food eating, menthol
     smoking kinda girl. (yes, I know those are all bad habits)
4.  I think my family is incredible but not perfect.
3.  my life has not always been perfect & probably never
     will be, but it’s mine & I like it.
2.  I detest cleaning house & doing laundry … I did not
     inherit the “Bentley cleaning gene”. I would much
     rather read a good book or do something fun.
1.  It’s not likely I am going to apologize for any of the
     other 9 things on this list.


 Which brings me to the point of this post … it’s Saturday and I have been cleaning, against my better judgment, all day. After 72 loads of laundry and my mop falling apart halfway through the mopping torture experiment, I have discovered that I have not yet gotten to the dirty underwear pile.  I’m not even sure why underwear is necessary but at this point I am thinking that going commando may become the new way of doing things at our house. I mean seriously, why waste the water, the laundry detergent and most importantly my time on underwear? For pete’s sake you don’t even see it. Someone please tell me that I am not the only person battling  the evil empire of dirty underwear!


10 Comments on “* do you really need clean underwear?”

  1. Thad Bentley

    Ok, I’m certain you have lost your mind. :-) Love the post…

  2. chrisi

    mom, you’re nuts, wash the underwear!
    love youu.

  3. Heather Sharpe

    I have been telling you that all along! unless you are in a wreck, who is gonna know anyway right?

  4. Cathy

    You not only need clean underwear…but always clean your underwear when you decide to throw them away. For all who know me you know what I mean. Leave no DNA!

  5. chrisi

    hahahaha to cathy’s post.

  6. margie

    If your underwear pile is like mine at this house, its all really dental floss and just needs to go between your teeth. At least that is what Bryant said one day when he saw what the girls were wearing. (LOL)

  7. jodie

    lunesta…..what a great friend to have!!!
    wash your underwear…please!!!!

  8. robin foster

    You are scaring me!!!! Squeeze cheese and no clean underwear. I am definately sending my girls to spend the summer with you. I know you will be ruled the best cousin ever. And I am w/ you on the democrat thing. We were just raised to be cool. Glad everyone is catching on. When you tire of the laundry, remember you are not changing a dirty diaper or potty training. That requires more time and a sticker chart. I will end with, being perfect is BORING. xxoo

  9. melinda

    Hi Jodie, for all of those who do not know Jodie, she is my friend who lives in the frozen tundra of IL. She is also Chrisi’s bio step mom … ya don’t call Springer, we’re good. I am so excited you posted. Now if all my southern friends would play pretty and give you a nice southern welcome that would be wonderful.

  10. jodie

    Melinda…our “life” could take at least an entire “season” on Springer, not just an episode.

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