* Can I get those digits baby?

Posted on January 5th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.



 Wooohooo … I have officially made it to double digits in the comment sections of my blog.  Ok, that is a little childish of me … but who cares, it’s my blog and I make the rules. I am just so excited that you peeps are reading and commenting.  So what if you are all my dear friends and family.  I mean seriously, I don’t know how anyone even knew about my blog, I’ve only given the blog address to anyone who would take it, how could you have possibly known?

So here is how this blogging thing works for all you newbies or otherwise interested parties (or uninterested parties who just don’t want to hurt my little kid feelings).  You read what I wrote, look at pictures that I’ve posted, laugh really hard or comment to yourself about how incredibly wonderful you think I am … pahhh haaa haaa … Then when you are feeling really inspired or just want to add to my gloriously wonderful comment total, you click on the comment button and tada! leave me a comment.  Since I haven’t posted anything overly controversial there isn’t much to disagree with me about … yet.  However, if I ever do decide to take a trek out on the proverbial ledge, please feel free to express your own opinion even if you don’t agree with me.  You’ll be wrong, but it’s perfectly fine to express it anyway.  I won’t get angry, I may get even but not angry.  So after you do all of that and you are really enjoying yourself, thinking hey this is fun & virtually painless, add my lil ole blog to your favorites & drop by whenever.  If you don’t enjoy it, well you are no fun and have no sense of humor, I appreciate you taking the time to visit in the first place.  For all of you who have commented, thank you very much & remember this is a work in progress, I will be adding more stuff as we go (what that really means is, when Thad or Chrisi have time to show me how to do something else we will be adding more stuff) And one last thing, take time to read the comments people have left & feel free to comment back to them, some of them are way funny.

Y’all come back now, ya hear!


ps: this is way more fun than washing underwear!

pps: do not tell Anna I mentioned underwear again, she may disown me.

11 Comments on “* Can I get those digits baby?”

  1. chrisi

    mom! who ever knew that you were going to get this good at the blog, i’m very proud of you for figuring out how to strike out words on your own :)! please do find some time to wash the undies though. we have church tonight, i don’t want you to stink! and by the way, thanks for my FAVORITE supper last night–chicken caserole :).
    love you lots!

  2. Earpie

    I love your blog! I do have one issue with this thing about Thad or Chrissi showing you more features. There are no Christmas pictures on Emma Joy’s website so I think Thad should probably work on that before he helps with your blog. Agree??

  3. melinda

    Earpie, I do agree & shame on him for being slack in his daddy duties. You got that fudzy? you better get on it.

  4. Thad Bentley

    I agree, updates do need to be made on Emma Joy’s website. HOWEVER, let me remind everyone of a simple fact. Melinda is new to the blogging world, therefore I have the administrator’s password with full editorial rights. DON’T make me use them! :-)

  5. Earpie

    Thad, Glad you recognize the problem. That’s the first step they stay. Admitting the problem. Now, you must secondly take action. I will check the website tomorrow for those beautiful Christmas pictures. Ha.Ha. We don’t want anything to happen to those editorial rights as we may need to call upon you to use those if your sister gets way out there. I have a feeling as the blog goes on she will have to “share” some of her opinions. Can’t wait to read some conterversial issues that she probably will bring up.

  6. Earpie

    Apparently I can’t spell today. Stay should be say and conterversial should be controversial.

  7. Brad

    LOL i just ask Thad who is Ear-Pie hahahahah

  8. Brad

    If today is the 1st day of the rest of your life then what was yesterday?

  9. Melinda

    omg, Heather calls earpie ear pie!

    it was the last day of my life before my life today.

  10. Brad

    did you get the other pic I sent?

  11. Melinda

    of your drunken cat? you cannot make me post it!

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