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Posted on January 6th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.




Oh you lucky little blog reading duckies … today is two for Tuesday, two post for the unbelievable price of not a dadgum thing.  So here’s the deal, I am still over the moon excited about getting all these wonderful comments.  Not to mention, I have now heard more from Robin in one day than I have in two years, except when I corner her at weddings & funerals & talk her head off for like 20 non breath taking minutes..  Those of you who don’t know Robin, she is my cousin who moved off to TX & one of my favorite people in the world.  She also does not feed her kids normal foods like squeeze cheese and pop tarts.  She apparantly did not study her food group chart very well at school because I’m sure mine included both of the above mentioned food categories. She also has 3 sisters, two of whom are evil and told lies about me to our Mamaw (more on that in a later post) the only reason the 3rd one isn’t evil is she was too young to be influenced by her sisters.  Of course they are not really liars or evil, they just out numbered me & liked to rat me out (please picture me in the roll of Cinderella here … remember, it’s my blog & your roll is to support me)

The entire point of this post before I got off on that tangent  is to tell y’all to read some of the comments, respond to them and laugh till you pee in your pants, ok don’t pee in your pants cause that will require you to wash more underwear.  I’ve responded to a couple of them which serves two important functions for me … #1 I get to communicate with people I like and or love … #2 it makes my comment total go up.  Does that count though? If it does, I may just comment to myself alot.  Also, if you have friends, co-workers, or people you may feel the need to punish … please feel free to hook them up with the blog address.  Then your people can get with my people & solve the worlds problems or just have a good time.

 y’all come back now, ya hear!

ps: for anyone who likes reading, check out the new page on books I enjoy.


4 Comments on “* two for Tuesday …”

  1. robin foster

    I am not really a blog junkie, unless it is one of substance. Now underwear, church and being democrat is just that. keep up the good work. OH, and if I could eat honeybuns and drink sundrop for breakfast, which i did in college, maybe i would. Now that is living on the edge for me. They just do not sell sundrop here. Loved seeing photos of the girls. beautiful!!

  2. chrisi

    we’re going to have to mail robin some sundrop :)

  3. chrisi

    make that overnight shipping.

  4. Tony Jones

    See I really did visit the site and I know it was not in this particular section but I already knew all 10 things about you that you listed. You know I love ya.

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