* Yes, they are desperate!

Posted on January 6th, 2009 by melinda in The Church House




Here we go, heading toward the ledge of controversy. I am only sticking my big toe in the controversial waters at this point, wisely not jumping head first into the deep end. So the subject matter of this post? You guessed it! Church … yep that’s it, church. In particular, my church. I attend a small chuch and would consider myself an active member. As many of you probably know, church has not always been the center of my priority universe. As much as I would like to say it is today, I still struggle with my priorities on a daily basis, however, I will say I have come a long way baby. There are many things I enjoy about my church, but mostly I enjoy that the people there accept me for just who I am. An imperfect person. I often struggle with my inner most feelings as compared to biblical theology. Thank goodness my preacher is a man of understanding, fortunately so is God. Eric is also a man of God who can not only preach a good sermon but lives what he preaches. That was of upmost importance to me when I decided after years of not going to church to go back. (plus he has a wonderful, beautiful wife & family). I by no means think going to church makes one a christian anymore than I think sitting in a hen house will make one a chicken. I believe people can worship differently than me and not be wrong, I believe it is not my place to judge. I believe each individual has to make a personal decision about their faith and that’s exactly what it is, a personal decision. So whatever your faith, however you choose to express it, I respect that. All I ask is that you give me the same respect in return.

There are downsides of a small church.  Like for instance, I do not, cannot & will not sing unless the entire congregation is singing & even then my preacher has accused me of sounding somewhat like a sheep bleeting (that is no lie, he said that and should be ashamed of himself). I also do not do nursery, I have served my sentence in the Nursery Prison Unit & have committed no sin big enough to have to be reincarcerated there.  So now that you must be chomping at the bit to know what I can do, I will oblige you and tell. I teach Wed. night Bible Study. Now, before you say “what the crap, are they really that desperate?” the answer is yes, yes they are. It was basically either me or um the long list of not a single person. I would love to tell you that they came to me begging for just a drop from my fountain of Biblical knowledge but that would be a big fat lie and I am not a “BFL” so I will just be honest and say I volunteered. Yep I did, stepped right up to the door, knocked & said “would y’all please let me show you how very little I really know about the Bible?” They said “why yes Melinda, we would love to allow you to make us say what the heck every Wednesday night” I think if for no other reason people come just to see what I might screw up this week or say that might be unorthodox (eg: Abigail was a hottie). So tomorrow night, whatever you are doing around 7ish, take a break & chuckle on my behalf because I have probably just said or done something to embarass myself.


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  1. robin foster

    WOW! i wish i could attend, especially on wednesday when your Sunday service is running out and you are ready to make some bad choices that you will definately be asking for forgiveness the next week. Small church, big church, the only really good ones are the ones with alot of misfits trying to be better people. that’s christian to me.

  2. chrisi

    mom–you’re so good at our Bible study! you put it in terms that we can understand-abigail is a hottie, and she also knew how to play her cards right :). we do actually learn from you :). good luck tonight. love you!

  3. Cathy

    Just wanted to let everyone know Melinda does a fine job on Wednesday’s. It is really funny to watch and listen to some of the elders in the church as they are sitting there wondering should we really laugh (because our take on the subject is totally todays way of thinking..Abigail/Hottie) or should we just act like we cant here them. In the end everyone gets a good laugh and leave the church thinking it has been good to be here. We do love our little church.If you are wondering now about Abigail, was she hot or not, did she play her cards right, 1 Samuel vs 25 go there and read her story. Let us know what you think.

  4. Cathy

    Sorry everybody should be 1 Samuel chapter 25

  5. melinda

    Cathy made a great suggestion, y’all should check out Abigail’s story, she was a very interesting woman. While you’re in 1st Samuel go ahead and scope out chapter 28 too, that’s what tonights study was on, The Witch of Endor. The suggestion for this particular study came from a very wise man I happen to know.

  6. Amy Barnes

    Melinda, your blog is great. I LOVE IT!! You’ve come such a long way. I definitely accept you for who you are and would not want you any other way. YOU ARE YOU AND THAT’S WHAT I LOVE!

    I think you do an awesome job on Wednesday nights. I really learn so much from you. You keep me so interested.

    ps. I think you would make a great YOUTH leader. Just thought I would throw that out there. Love ya, Amy Barnes. =]

  7. Eric

    This is the preacher and I will not and should not be ashamed. You did bleet the one note. You do a fine job on Wed and teaching Sunday school

  8. Melinda

    Mr. preacher man, somehow I did not expect an apology, hysterical laughter on your part maybe, but not an apology. And thank you for the support, I truly do appreciate you and Anita both so very much. Now I’m gonna tell everybody how you made Anita go home early cause you boys lost to us girls playing pictionary man, and then blamed it on Faith being sleepy! ha ha ha y’all lost! I see a rematch in the future.

  9. Melinda

    Amy B. we cannot wait for Bailey to get here either … we are counting down the weeks with ya. You and Rodney are going to be such great parents!

  10. Earpie

    Your little church may be surprised when they suddenly have lots of people showing up on Wednesday nights to learn about this “hottie” and see this teacher in action. I have to admit I might be the first one to come see. I almost have a vision of turning on the tv and that being the top news story.

  11. Amy Barnes

    awww. Thank You! I hope we can make good parents. I know we will have plenty of help. I can’t wait until the first camping trip! =]

    ps I think you should write a blog on you being Aunt JaMama.. =]

  12. chrisi

    hahaha, good idea amy! that should be mom’s next blog.

  13. Melinda

    well aren’t you two some funny little bunnies this morning. Please remember, my lovely children are the ones who made me take it off.

  14. Amy Barnes

    aww. I remember! I still can’t believe they hid it from you. I’ll just have to get you another one. hehehe

  15. chrisi

    richard found aunt jamima’s address on the back of her pancake box and had to mail her hair thing (whatever you want to call it) back to her.

  16. Eric

    Cathy heard the bleeting thing this morning in chruch. I have proof.

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