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Posted on January 7th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family




Welp, I made it safely home from Bible Study tonight and nobody asked me not to come back for another round next week. Yeah! Either it went fine or they are gluttons for punishment.

Before I went to church I had the following conversation with Chrisi … I love that child.

phone rings, I answer:

Chrisi: “mom?” (like she was surprised that I answered even though she dialed my #)

Me: “yes Chrisi?”

Chrisi: “I have a question & you have to promise not to laugh at me”

Me:”ok Chrisi, what is the question?” (knowing full well I am probably going to laugh)

Chrisi: “what are those lumps in cottage cheese?”


Chrisi:”there are lumps in the cottage cheese I bought today, what are they?”

Me:(pretending not to laugh) “well Chrisi those are curdles of milk, that’s what make’s cottage cheese be cottage cheese”

Chrisi:”does that mean spoiled milk? cause that sounds nasty”

Me:”well, not spoiled Chrisi, but pasturized and processed a different way so it doesn’t have bacteria that will make you sick”

Chrisi:”well I bought the strawberry mixed kind and I don’t like the lumps, how do I get them out of my cottage cheese”

Me:”Chrisi, you realize I cannot not share this on the blog”


just shake your head and smile … bless!




And now a grand announcement … drum roll please … Anna finished her senior project today.  She did her presentation and all was a great success.  I am so very proud of her, she worked very hard on it.  Her subject was teen pregnancy.  A big thank you goes out to her mentor Anita, to the crisis pregnancy center & her advisor uncle Robin.  Please take note this is just one step closer for me to my inevitable nervous breakdown.  I love that child too.


20 Comments on “* Proud mama keep on blogging …”

  1. Thad Bentley

    shaking my head and smiling… :-) but you’ve got to love her.

    Ang big congrats to Anna, I’m very proud of you!

  2. jodie

    laughing out loud…Thad is right… you got to love her. It reminded me of the time Holly asked me something similar(for her age at the time 7 or 8).Holly HELPED me make a batch of cookies.Of course she(we)wanted one after they came out of the oven. She said “Mom,why do these taste nutty?” I looked at her with my jaw open and said “Because I had YOU pour nuts in the batter.” And without missng a beat, she said “oh…ok”.It was so funny because you could see the light bulb click in her head.
    Congradulations to Anna on her project.

  3. chrisi

    keep on laughing, ya’ll know your lives would be boring without me around :)

  4. courtney

    Oh Melinda! I love your blog. Chrisi makes me laugh, and she’s right – life would be far too boring without her. Yay for Anna! I’m sure her Senior Project was awesome.

  5. Brad

    WOW… you sure are burning up the keys on your computer….. Between reading your blog listing to Thad talk all the time all I hear are Bentleys in my head…… oooooooooooch!!!!!!!!
    Poor “little Richard” do you see him anymore? Tell him I said the bunk house is just about ready!
    Yea to Anna (aka) Taylor Swift… LOVE that picture…

    • Melinda

      Bradley Balentine you have got to be the luckiest man in the world to be constantly surrounded by all us Bentley’s. Can you imagine life without us? And, do not under any circumstances mention that bunk house to Richard, he will be packing us to move over the weekend, or at least packing him to move. Give my beautiful niece a big hug and kiss from her auntie m. love you.

  6. Brad

    Tell Chrisi they make a cottage cheese separator…
    You have to get it at your local tractor supply!

    • Melinda

      you do realize that she is now even more confused & probably on her way to tractor supply.

  7. chrisi

    brad just wanted me to go to horrible tractor supply. i’m no idiot!

  8. jodie


  9. Brad

    *Melinda…you won’t be able to move to bunk house till next month…. No internet there yet!
    *I guess I can bill the Bentley’s for all the Tylenol I have had to buy over the past 11 years $$$$$$
    *Tractor Supply is way better than any Wal-Mart….
    *Can you believe Emma Joy is 10 months today….. OMG
    *One other thing…… you have made Thad a BFl as well… well, he was a poser today… um-hum see what you do to others……. BFL BFL BFL {in training}

  10. Amy Barnes

    OMG..I’m laughing so hard. I love BOTH of your daughters very much. I just don’t know what I would do without them.

  11. Melinda

    Ms. Courtney, I agree, life would be boring without her to entertain us. I am so glad you stopped by to say hi. If any of y’all don’t know Courtney, she is my dear friend Amy M’s daughter, she and Chrisi are the same age & one day she is going to change the world … just wait & see. Then you can say “hey, I know her from the blog” I love you sweetheart.

  12. anna(the favorite)

    hola. so yea words cant describe her…and im pretty much amazing as always…nothing new. but i agree with brad. tractor supply is wayy better than walmart and richard cant move in the bunkhouse…its mine.

    p.s. im not calling him dad…ever…even if there’s a fire

    and mom its ok that you dont sing…cause i can do it for the whole family cause my voice is a combination of fergie and jesus.

  13. Heather Sharpe

    Anna is right! He better not get in her face! Something smells like onions an ketchup…. I can taste it…..

  14. anna(the favorite)

    so this is for heather. me and ana are sittin here…and you better not touch my drum set!
    anadelariva talking:
    1:umm can i have a number 7 with a cookies and cream milkshake.
    2: can you not just have a coke? because then i got to get out the ice cream and dont even know how to work the machine.
    2: can i get a number 7 with a coke?!!!!

  15. tanner

    I love your website, melinda!!! I love Chrisi when she was confused with the cottage cheese.


  16. melinda

    Hi Tanner, thank you for coming to check out my blog. She is a pretty funny girl.

  17. chrisi

    for the record, i’ve not eaten cottage cheese since.

  18. Amy Barnes

    awww. Chrisi Loou –> I don’t like cottage cheese either. Those little lumps bother me too. =]

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