* A Perfect 10 …

Posted on January 8th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


 “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them”

~Desmund Tutu~


happy 10 month old birthday Emma Joy

we love you!


ps: just couldn’t help myself,  how cute is she?


got a little road rage going on there!

12 Comments on “* A Perfect 10 …”

  1. courtney

    She is SO precious. Next time I see her, I hope she’s awake. :)

  2. Brad

    She gets that from daddy Brad…..

  3. Heather Sharpe

    I can see so much of Anna in her! She is such a precious girl and I love watching her grow up. She has such great daddys’! Love you Guys!

  4. chrisi

    she gets all of her adorable-ness from her cousin chrisi. she learned the road rage from anna. haha.

  5. chrisi

    by the way, uncles of mine- has she decided to ride that thing by herself again yet? since i spoiled her by turning the kitchen into a racetrack while we were out there.

  6. Thad Bentley

    I’m thinking she looks like me, so all the cute and precious comments must apply to me too! :-)

  7. Marilyn Hinds

    Oh My Gosh!! Have we created amonster with the riding toy!! I sure hope this was a one time fit of anger. Ha! Ha! She is still a sweetheart that we all love!

  8. Rita Wilkinson

    Well the boys would probably say she has picked up on some of my bad habits, but I promise the child has not even rode with me yet!! She must have been eavesdropping when they were talking about my driving and thought she would try some of my moves. This one sorta looks like she is doing the one “Hey, either move that thing or I’ll move it for you!” Just kidding!!
    She is the cutest thing! We all love her to death!

  9. Amy Barnes

    WOW! I can’t believe she is already 10 months old…How fast the time goes.
    I would say she for sure gets her driving skills from cousin Anna. haha

    Thad & Brad – I hope you are doing well! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you guys. Talk to ya later. =]

  10. Emmy Black

    She is precious! And Melinda, did you teach her to throw a fit like that? Love ya and miss ya more than you know!

  11. melinda

    well as I live & breathe it’s Emmy Lou! So glad you stopped by to visit us here at the blog, I sure hope you’ll come back. And no, I have not taught her any bad habits … that’s all her daddies doing. Give Gracie a hug for me, miss you & love you too.

  12. melinda

    Hi Rita & Marilyn, glad you gal’s decided to join us in our little blog family. For any of you who may not know Rita and/or Marilyn, they are our friends from TN. Specifically, they keep Thad & Brad outta trouble. Thanks for dropping by, I sure hope you’ll both come back sometime.

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