* flashback friday continued …

Posted on January 9th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. It’s time for a stroll down retro lane. That’s right you knarly blogging dudes … we are flashing right on back to the 80’s. I mean like, what could like possibly be any cooler than like the 80’s? Oh don’t laugh like you have no earthly idea what I just said. Don’t tell me you were never a square peg just trying to fit in. OH my Gah, like gag me with a spoon you bunch of liar liars, I know better! Don’t act like you didn’t sleep in your Member’s Only jacket, cause ya know ya did. And what 80’s hottie would’ve ever left her house without some big ole teased up hair, can you say Rave #4 in an aerosol can? And don’t act like you don’t still have some in your bathroom now, cause you know ya do. OH and boys, you know you were sporting those Levi 505’s so tight it’s a wonder any of y’all produced children … don’t you do it, don’t you say to your wife or child who is reading along with you right now that you didn’t pack it in those jeans so tight you couldn’t possibly breathe, cause you know you did. Or better yet, maybe you were wearing your oh so flattering parachute pants? Can’t touch this huh? And where are all those alligator shirts anyway? Don’t act like your mama didn’t buy a little pack of applique alligators from the sewing dept. at Roses and some cheap “collared” shirts and sew those bad boys right on there, cause no mama worth her salt was paying $25.00 for one shirt … have you lost your mind child? And girl, don’t forget your slouch socks, you gotta role those pant legs tight around those ankles, tuck um in and show off those white high top w/ velcro Reboks … and when you are finished getting ready, turn off your MTV & take your styling self on out to your $200.00 pimping car that your parents hooked you up with & then reminded you daily that they not you owned & you best watch what you say or you’ll be sitting home playing your Atari on your black & white tv. Now go on with your bad selves, take your t-tops out, grab your briefcase full of cassette tapes … hopefully you owned some good tunes including Journey’s greatest hits … and head to town for some cruisin’ but wait! be careful not to drive too fast lest you mess up the hottest hairdo ever known to mankind, go on, you know you want to say it … the mullet, business in the front, party in the back … oh yea baby. So now that y’all are feeling all young, cool & stylish again, play along & tell me what you remember about the absolute tackiest greatest decade ever … that is if you can remember any of it at all.

Keep in mind, I knew some of you in the 80’s & I full well remember what a motley crue you were. I would get a little bit of a Thrill-er ratting you out reminding you & our blogging buddies. So don’t make me start calling names … Cause I had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you (go ahead, dance dirty a minute or ten, you know you want to).


btw, who did shoot JR Ewing … or E Wing as Chrisi would say.?

For all you wee blogger pups who don’t remember any of the above, here’s a shout out to The Ninja Turtles, The Power Rangers and The Transformers.

For all you old more mature blogging pepaws & memaws … we are still a little miffed about having to watch Lawrence Welk, and we will never understand why you insisted on screening the Duke Boys before we could watch them, for pete’s sake, they were just some good ole boys, never meaning no harm. (you just sang the Dukes of Hazard theme song to yourself didn’t you)? Your turn now, get at it.


8 Comments on “* flashback friday continued …”

  1. jodie

    Melinda…….oh my gosh…..I remember everthing you mentioned. Remember: collars always had to be “up”, on your shirts. What about watching Welcome Back Kotter or Dynasty? Did your parents make you watch Hee Haw,too?
    I remember my brother always shaking the house with his stereo on “10” to KISS, Ozzy, Styx,Aerosmith,Kansas….the list goes on.
    Which Duke Boy did you like?

  2. chrisi

    okay, for those of you who don’t know me that well, i really am much smarter than mom blogs about me :)
    that’s just for the record.
    you know, because of the cottage cheese and the e wing thing.

  3. melinda

    my beautiful, highly intelligent child, you make me smile. You are absolutely correct, you are very smart,(Dean’s list & all) but you have to admit, you also say some pretty funny things that a mommie couldn’t possibly not share with the world. I love you & thanks for making my life so interesting.

  4. Eric

    you can’t mention the 80’s without the A-team. You betta shut up fool

  5. Cathy

    How did you know about the Rave 4 under my sink (left there for times when nothing else will work) Im not kidding either. I can remember when the Dukes first aired and mom sent us to bed (no kidding) and said she needed to watch it first to make sure it was ok. Then again I can also remember begging, pleading “I will be the only one who is not going to the movies to watch “Grease”. Guess what it was about 5 yrs after the fact that I did watch Grease and mom was right I didnt die because I had to wait. I have it now on DVD and i get to watch it when I want also Ill admit I have dirty dancing to. So I hope your happy about making us remember those days.

  6. chrisi

    haha, cathy has rave under her sink! mom uses hers on a regular basis i think. she sprayed me down with it a few times before i could fix my own hair..because what kindergartener didn’t need their bangs curled and teased up before school every day??

  7. Amy Barnes

    I have you to know…

    I know what an Atari is! {who cares if a lady at a yard sale had to tell me} I still know what it is. haha

    And, thank you for putting something in there about the Ninja Turtles. =]

    Also, I so sung the Dukes of Hazards song! lol

  8. chrisi

    anna: “why does mamaw carrigan’s truck have a vcr in it?”

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