* my front porch friends …

Posted on January 11th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Well well well you evil, mean & coniving oh so kind commenting friends of mine, I now know why I enjoy my front porch friends so much. Do you know why that is? I will gladly tell you why, it’s because they are quiet and don’t talk back to me! They do not point out that yes, I do actually bleet when I sing or laugh about it in public. They just sit there and tell me how wonderful I am over and over again. I like them much better. They do not quote movie lines that I have no idea what on earth they are talking about nor do they fuss at me because they spent their entire morning reading blogs I have attached to my blog. Nope they don’t, they just sit there being polite. They don’t take my bandana that I wear to hold my hair back and hide it, never to be seen again. They also don’t call me a “BFL” on a regular basis. They listen intently as I read to them or plain ole ignore them. Ok, so who cares if they aren’t really real people. Who cares if they are my made up, imaginary friends. My mama always said it was healthy to have imaginary friends, so yea, I was like 4 when she said that but she never told me any different so it still counts. Where did I get these imaginary friends you may say … I am so glad you bothered to ask.


Once upon a time in the land of camping town a little girl enjoyed the peace and quiet of sitting on her front porch alone reading a good book or enjoying the silence of nature. Her meanie head friends who also visited camping town, ironically the same exact time as her every single time, would make terrible awful fun of her for sitting on her porch alone with her “friends”. NO! you say … how horrid that would be, it could have scarred her for life … yet they didn’t care. They just continued to make terrible fun of her. Bless the little girls heart. But she persevered … she struggled through the shame and embarassment her meanie head friends inflicted upon her and turned into a pretty pretty princess and lived happily ever after with her “friends” by her side in the magical land of no she does not need to be committed.

So now you know the story of “my front porch friends” … what’s the saying mr. preacher man reminded me of tonight … keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Nah, I think I will just simply say thank you Lord for blessing me with people in my life that love me enough to make me laugh at myself every now and again.


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  1. Cathy

    So let me be the first to tell you she really does have front porch friends. She sits up high on the hill in camping town (because of cell phone service) and she watches over the whole town. Sometimes she comes to visit the other little campers and their owners (when the golf cart is available…because she is on the hill and we are below) but we catch her on her front porch having a grand time with “HER” friends. I dont know why maybe she sings to them in her bleeting I mean beautiful voice. Maybe they are telling her she is the queen of camping town who knows but we all know she loves them as much as we love her. Even if she is wearing her famous head wrap.

  2. Cathy

    P.S. Maybe “YOUR FRIENDS” might help wash the underwear, after all they have nothing better to do then sit on the front porch. Since it is so cold out they may like comming in for a while.

  3. Amy Barnes

    All I can say is “Bless Her”. That’s makes everything all better. haha

    PS Don’t let Cathy fool you. She has “HER” friends too. =]

  4. Michele

    I absolutely love this web site. This is just perfect for you. I think you need your own reality show! You have to bring all your front porch friends with you, it just wouldn’t be the same without em! I’ll have to agree with Cat, you are Queen of the hill at the campground.

  5. melinda

    dearest Cathy … maybe I don’t come down the hill at camping town for the following reasons:
    a: i am embarassed by my neighbors gommed up campers?
    b: it would involve me walking back up a steep hill, which would in turn cause two problems for me, the first being i am fat and hate to walk, the second i am clumsy & although y’all would enjoy watching me role back down, i wouldn’t enjoy it at all.
    c: you do not have a donut on a stick at your camper to lure me down there.

  6. melinda

    Michele … thank goodness you are so much nicer than your sister!

  7. Cathy

    When my camper wins best decorated you will be proud.

  8. anna(the favorite)

    a.they are not donuts on a stick…it is a biscut on a stick…duh..get it right.
    b.you cant ever have the golfcart…thats how i pick up the hotties…
    c.how could you not like our neighbors(especially the ones over the 4th…they rock and you know it)
    d.dont act like you dont know all the movie quotes…according to bapa you’ve seen every movie thats ever been made.
    “your just jealous that ive been chatting to hot babes all day”

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