* crack in the box …

Posted on January 16th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

crack in the box

crack in the box

red glowing nirvana

red glowing nirvana

crack box ... with hearts even

crack box ... with hearts even

oh my blogging peeps your fearless blog author has fallen off the wagon, more aptly I have fallen under the doughnut wagon. Hello, my name is Melinda, and I am addicted to krispy kreme doughnuts … I should be in a meeting somewhere baring my soul about my doughnut addiction. It is 19 degrees here tonight and though for some people that would be an extremely warm evening, it ain’t here in the good ole south. Any intelligent southern girl would be home relaxing by the fire, drinking a sundrop & chilling with the man of her dreams … but no, not me, I needed a fix … so off to krispy kreme I went like a junkie heading to the crack house with a crisp 20 in my hand. If you live in some state where krispy kreme doughnuts are not sold, I have one word of wisdom for ya … move! You have no idea what you are missing. What could possibly be any better than some perfectly formed yeast, fried up & glazed over, doughnut crack? Well I have nary a clue. The evil place even lures poor unsuspecting chick a dee’s, like myself, into doughnut wonderland with glowing, neon red “hot now” lights … have you ever met a southerner who could resist a red glowie neon sign? I didn’t think so! It would be right next to sinning not to oblige them and go on in. I mean really, how rude would that be, besides, we southerners are known for our good manners, aren’t we? So let it not be said that I was rude to the doughnut dealers. I marched my big fat butt well rounded fanny right on in there with the other slobber drooling doughnut junkies & ordered up two boxes of crack to go. And now here I sit with my man, my fire, my sundrop and my krispy kreme doughnuts … life does not get much better than this. At least for tonight anyway, cause tomorrow I will probably be recovering from a doughnut induced hangover. (so don’t call me before noon!)

ps: please note my little enabler daughter is standing beside the glowie red neon light thingie.

8 Comments on “* crack in the box …”

  1. Thad Bentley

    I can’t believe you wrote this? No self respecting “crack in a box” junkie gives up their dealer? What were you thinking? I guess you will be known as the local “narc”. You forgot to mention that we grew up with this “crack”. Krispy Kreme started business in our neck of the woods.

  2. melinda

    I also forgot to mention that before we had a krispy kreme near our house our mother would drive us an hour to the great big city to get some “crack in a box” … even if she wouldn’t cross the big bridge if she could avoid it.

  3. Brad

    Do you have any left?
    How much does one on the street go for?
    Did they even have time to get cold?
    I dare Thad to stop when we go to Costco’s…. I can say I have been sober now for almost six months.. Do I get a star or something? (love to lick an empty box)

  4. melinda

    do I have any left? you my dear brother in law must be puffing the real stuff … I could probably sale them for enough to buy another two dozen plus & only a few of them got cold. And yes, if you have been on the krispy kreme wagon for six months you get a gold star!

  5. Brad

    Is that you Lunesta?

  6. melinda

    aren’t you just comical? yes, me and my friend lunesta are taking our stuffed with doughnuts behinds to bed. night, love y’all.

  7. chrisi

    randall ate part of my portion of the crack. we may need to make a second trip while we are out tonight. :)

  8. Amy Barnes

    haha… I’m so sweet, she just gave me some crack for free.. =]

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