* What the crap happened here?

Posted on January 17th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

DO NOT FREAK! Did you just take a second look to make sure you were in the right place? Well me too. I was feeling a little adventerous today & decided the previous theme page seemed a little on the blah side so …. tada! I fetched me another one ok, so that’s a lie, I called & bugged Thad all day till he helped me but anyway, I have a new look, at least for tonight. So my little blog reading peeps, whatta y’all think? Love it? Like it? Hate it? Feel like you just walked in somebody elses house & they were standing there buck neckid? Yea me too, feels a little weird. Now, this is what I need you to do, please, (see, I even asked nicely, I should get some props for that alone) leave me some feedback & let me know what you think, seriously. My feelings won’t be hurt either way, I just want everyone to enjoy visiting & not saying “ewww that’s ugly, I don’t want to come back here anymore”, cause if you say that we can’t be friends anymore. So take a minute & chime in … and beware the look may change a couple more times before I am satisfied … you know how us women are! oh and by the way, none of the content has changed, everything is still here, just maybe in a different place or on a different side.


5 Comments on “* What the crap happened here?”

  1. Cathy

    Why oh why do we feel the need to change things, I could go to the computer, sit down, click one thing and know exactly if any new post were made or anything has been added. Now oh my…You know i dont like change..you had me hooked to begin with. No this doesnt mean I wont come back, but now I have to find everything again, and then when I get used to that you will change it. I will give it some time and try to get used to it, afterall it is your blog. Love Cat Also the new post are to small to read.

  2. Thad Bentley

    Ok, I like the new theme, but this is really YOUR blog, so you need to like it. Give me a call tomorrow.

  3. chrisi

    cathy’s just complaining because she’s 40 now and her vision is beginning to decline. :) i love the new theme. it suits the site well.

  4. tanner

    i love the new layout. It looks awesome! :)

  5. Amy Barnes

    I like the new layout. It’s great! BUT I have to agree partially with Cat. I mean, I had this down pat. I could come, take a look, and know exactly where everything’s at. But I will get used to it and figure it out. I guess it’s a challenge in the making. =] Love You!

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