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Posted on January 19th, 2009 by melinda in "Not Me Monday"

It’s Monday so that means another edition of “Not Me Monday” which was created by http://www.mycharmingkids.net/ otherwise known as Mckmama’s so go on over & hang at her crib for a few & leave her some lovin’. You will enjoy her blog, I do.

So what was it that your ever so intriguing blog story teller didn’t do this week? Well being as you begged & pleaded, twisted my pudgy little wrist & waited patiently … I will tell you. This week I under no circumstances shouted with joy & proceeded to do my oh so fabulous happy dance, on Tuesday when Alice came back to work from maternity leave, cause that would’ve been selfish of me & I am so not selfish. I also did not immediately upon her return form an evil plot in my twisted pretty little head to ask off for Friday thus making my weekend a 4 day weekend, nope I did not. My version goes a little like this: My boss, much to my delight, said “Melinda, you have worked so incredibly hard these past weeks, why don’t you just take a day” (Ok, I also did not just lie about that right to your pretty little peepish faces.) And after not taking a vacation day for the total heck of it, I did not declare to my co-workers that I would be doing constructive things like cleaning & washing underwear & then proceed to do not one productive thing the entire day. Cause that would have been completely sorry & lazy of me & I am certainly niether of those. And if you thought I openly admitted to having imaginary friends in an earlier post this week, you my demented little peeps are coo coo, not me. During Bible Study this week, I most certainly did not refer to a person in the lesson as a “big fat weinnie head” because that may have caused some raised eyebrows down at the church house & anyone who knows me, knows for an absolute fact, that I would never ever say something outloud that may cause the raising of an eyebrow. And speaking of the church house, I did not blow sundrop out of my nose & onto my computer in a fit of hysterical laughter when mr. preacher man busted all over one of my besties for a comment she left about Bible Study, I am way to dignified to spew soda out of my nose. I also in no way shape or form thought I offended Brad, which did not lead to me having a lunesta induced conversation with my brother to clear up my non misunderstanding, nope that wasn’t me either. And while I wasn’t doing all the other stuff you just thought you read about, I did not get a wild hair & completely change my blog, leading people to be confused upon entry … I could not have possibly done that because I am ignorant when it comes to doing technically difficult thingie ma bobs on my computer. And in conclusion, I would have never ever, even if being tortured with gym equipment, admit to my favorite blogging peeps that I am a hard core, straight up addicted, krispy kreme doughnut junkie. That might be considered snitching & I am not a snitch. I would never tell where I get my doughnut crack (unless some thug tried to steal my doughnut & held it hostage till I told, cause if that happened, I am so telling … what? a girls gotta have her standards)

So you non doing peeps, what is it that you absolutely, possitively did not do this week. Click on the comment box and fess up. I hear confession is good for the soul but even if it doesn’t make your sould feel better, I will certainly enjoy a chuckle at your expense.


2 Comments on “* Not Me Monday …”

  1. chrisi

    woo hoo! not me monday!
    okay…this week i absolutely did NOT wear my new uggs pretty much every day. and i did not use going to the gym as an excuse to eat more doughnuts… because everyone knows how often i work out and i would not want to ruin that by indulging in four doughnuts (at least). i did not have a good first week back to school. i did not enjoy reading the book thief either. i absolutely did not “jam” to 106.9 on my way to school. that would be silly of me. i did not cook a fabulous lunch for bapa and randall on sunday, because i’m not a very good cook. and i definitely did not have a wonderful, lazy weekend off from work. i would never waste my time being lazy and watching movies with randall.

  2. Elizabeth

    Everyone is entitled to a really good lazy day now and then! :)

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