* oh my gosh do I have milk & bread?

Posted on January 19th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

our down south version of a blizzard …



6 Comments on “* oh my gosh do I have milk & bread?”

  1. Jessi

    Came over from Where Laughter Lives and noticed your southern blizzard! Don’t know where you live but here in NC we’re in the middle of our first blizzard of the year. Everything is closed, people loaded up on food yesterday and today we’re sitting tight because there is a whopping 2 inches of snow!! haha. Oh life in the south.

  2. Amy Barnes

    It was great getting to see snow. But I just wish if it were going to snow that it would have actually been a blizzard. =]

  3. courtney

    It does not snow in Buies Creek, but it did this time…we got 5+ inches! It snowed all day. Yay snow!

  4. jodie

    Melinda,I need to move to Buies Creek, if they don’t get snow. Here in Illinois it was MINUS 35-40 with wind chill, last Thursday and Friday. Schools were closed for 2 days because of the cold temps. Can we say…..brrrrrr.I realllly need to move south.

  5. melinda

    well Jodie, what a novel idea, wonder why I never thought of that before? I will never understand why you crazy polar peep yankee’s live in sub arctic weather having places. And Miss Courtney, I hope you enjoy your snow day, your mom & I (do not tell her I told on her) use to take “snow days” in college when it snowed at home. love y’all.

  6. jodie

    Miss Melinda….. I do not live in the arctic tundra….by choice. If I could pick up my family and move to N.C. I could be sitting with you on your porch by the weekend.
    It is fun to dream…..so as I am shoveling this #!&^*!~!! snow for the 50th time this year. I just pretend I am shoveling sand on the beach, to make one “MASSIVE” beach house….yea that’s it…that’s what I am doing out in zero tempatures at 5am. Instead of tossing snow hire than I am high(which I realize is not saying much)…but in reality it is just so I can get out of my driveway to go to work. Anytime you would like to visit.. and get the “feel” of the midwest (in the dead of winter) our door is always open. Well…no actually it is froze shut…but that is another story.(HA). Love your blogs Melinda…keep them up.

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