* hellooo … is anybody out there?

Posted on January 20th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Where oh where are you tonight?
Why did you leave me here all alone?
I searched the world over and I thought I’d found true love.
But you met another and PTHHP! you was gone.

oh my sweet peeps, where have you gone? I am not feeling the comment love these past few days (please note my incredibly whiney sad tone). Am I boring your peppish selves? Are you just too busy to take like two seconds time to comment? Are you feeling unentertained by my musings? Do you read my post & think quietly to yourselves “I have nothing to say to that”? Is the new theme really that bad? I mean seriously, can you imagine that some peeps have things to do other than sit in their little nest staring at their computers patiently waiting on me to post some pertinant tid bit (like not washing underwear) & then scrolling as quickly as possilbe down to the comment box to leave me some lovin’. How could that ever be possible? I cannot conceive the notion. I miss your lovin’ & your not so much lovin’ peepin’ comments. Who do you think I am suppose to laugh at if you don’t comment? But most importantly, if you don’t throw me a chirp every now & again, I don’t have a clue who is still reading & who has packed up their nest & migrated further south than I am.

Whew! I sure am glad y’all brought that up, cause I was a little hesitant about saying anything since I try really hard to never be outspoken -n- all. I’m tickled pink that you feel free to express your feelings here at our blog. (yes, it’s our blog when I want you to share with me).

So now let’s move right along to some completely not so relevent tid bits of the going ons in our neck of the woods:

first we have Chrisi, we all just thought she was majoring in elementary education, she is actually majoring in fashion. Today she is sporting a very fashion forward ensemble which includes a cashmere scarf, paired with sweat pants and polka dot rubber boots … I’m sure it’s all the rave in the big cities. Just one more reason to be greatful we live in the country. She also has a new hair color, she is no longer our ditzy blond … ok, she isn’t blond anymore (Cat … what is a charriot?)


And next up is Anna … being Anna & trying her best to ignore her mother while loudly proclaiming “do not take my picture … gah mom I hate your blog, get a life” what you don’t see is (well you don’t see much at all) she is still in her pj’s enjoying her 10 day vacation.


And next to the plate … my ever so supportive husband not enjoying my blog very much either. What is wrong with these people I live with? And btw, I think Chrisi “did” his hair for this picture. I know it’s blury but cut me some slack … it’s the best I could do.


And last but not least … the true babies of our family chilling on their our bed.



5 Comments on “* hellooo … is anybody out there?”

  1. chrisi

    several things here:
    1. i don’t like this layout (not that you do/don’t care).
    2. richard fixed his toupey (however its spelled) on his own!
    3. thanks for the mac and cheese for supper.
    4. i hope everyone knows i dress a little better on a regular basis.
    5. love you mom.

  2. melinda

    okay …

    several things back here:

    1. the other one hurt my eyes
    2. his hair is never “fixed”
    3. you’re welcome for the mac & cheese
    4. what does your oh so fashionable self not like about this layout?
    5. goodnight & I love you.

  3. chrisi

    i don’t like the angels up top…they’re weird looking to me.

  4. Amy Barnes

    Love the post!

    Chrisi looks very fashionable. ha I love the rubber boots. They fit her well.

    Miss Anna – She’s just amazing and that’s all there is to say.

    Richard – who Rodney loves dearly. =] hehe I would not know what to do if his hair gets “fixed” (Especially if it gets done by Chrisi)

    Love Ya!! See You tonight!

  5. Thad Bentley

    I know Chrisi doesn’t like the angles, but I like this much better than the dark theme. Talk to ya later.

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