* what the heck take two …

Posted on January 21st, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


apparantly I cannot figure out what my little blogging altar ego self wants to look like for more than a day or so at a time. The other theme hurt my eyes & after a bit made me feel like barfing onto my computer, which I imagine would be very bad. The first theme left me feeling a tad blah, although it was much easier to use … so here we are at this one. You don’t immediately think angel’s when you hear my sweet name and/or voice … you’re a tad confused by that concept? Ya me too … but these angel’s look like curious little angels fixin’ to jump right down from their heavenly perch. So anyway, what do you think? I already know Chrisi doesn’t like it … got any idea’s? I’m feeling a little confused again (yes, go ahead & say it, I am often confused)


11 Comments on “* what the heck take two …”

  1. Amy Barnes

    I like this theme/layout b/c it’s easy to use. But hey I’m up for a challenge! I’m not so sure about the Angels. I like them, but I think you need something a little more festive to fit your personality! Love ya!

  2. courtney

    I liked the first one best, but then again, I hate change…

  3. Cathy

    I have to agree with Courtney..everyone knows when you finally get me up to date on things..please dont change it I just cant take it. I did like the angels, kind of made me think of Melinda and I. I know thats what everybody else was thinking too.

  4. Michele

    Note to Cat! Don’t make me barf. Angels, you and Melinda in the same sentence. Watch out the halos will fall and choke you. Not that you both aren’t sweet and adorable, but Angels, I am not so sure! To much mischief going on between you to.

  5. Cathy

    Michele what would possibly make you think that???? Melinda, I think the background that you now have totally suits you and your blog..my vote is to leave this one up for awhile. You need to tell my sister what angels we really are.

  6. courtney

    I like this one!

  7. Earpie

    I like this one better than the last. The last one I saw was not the angels. I missed the angel version. Can’t really say that I disagree with Michele a whole lot on that. Cat and Melinda in the same sentence with angels may be a bit much. Not to say that the two of you individually may very well be angels but I have to question combined. I don’t know which version is supposed to be on now but I am seeing the bird. I had heard of the bird earlier today but couldn’t see it. Sorry Melinda but I don’t see you and the bird thing lasting. Of course I don’t like change either.

  8. chrisi

    earpie- be glad you didn’t see the angels…they were soo UGLY!

  9. melinda

    who are you meanie head imposter peeps? oh wait, you’re my real friends, sorry I was confused there for a minute. Earpie & Michele, y’all ought to feel ashamed … I do not see any back rubs in your near futures. And apparantly Cat, my child thinks we are not only not angelic, but that we are ugly angels at that.

  10. chrisi

    i did not say that you two were not angelic or that you were ugly…the ones on this page prior to the bird were simply an ugly representation of tacky angels.

  11. Amy Barnes

    I like the bird!! It’s grown on me. =]

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