* once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary …

Posted on January 22nd, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


So some of you are loving the bird, some of you not so much. Since some of you peeps are mean not sending out bird loving vibes, I have decided to present to you 10 reasons that your favorite blog having chick is liking the bird at this moment.

#10. I have not spent any time today searching for something I like better.
#9. I have yet to call Thad and beg for help uploading something different (however, the night is young).
#8. I think it’s funny that some of y’all really really don’t like the bird, which makes me like it even more.
#7. it does not look like it was purchased at the dollar tree store. (chrisi, say “thank you mama”!)
#6. it would appear to be a friendly bird – and even if it’s not, it can’t get me.
#5. I think the bird can sing, please note (ha … no pun intended) the musical whatcha ma jigger near it’s little bird mouth.
#4. I like the doo daddie looking things in the back ground.
#3. it’s very bright & chipper … like me
#2. it appears to be a loner bird … it probably likes it’s imaginary bird friends better than it’s real bird friends … again, like me
#1. it is very round … once again … just like me!

And now we have come to an important moment in the birds life span here at our little blog … we cannot have a nameless bird just hanging around … it has to have a name. Your job my peeps is to … name that bird. Please fill my comment box to the brim with your oh so witty, humorous & insightful blog bird names. If I were a really good blog host there would be a prize for the winner … but … I’m not … sorry you had to pick a po’ folk blog to hang out on. Better luck next time. So get your little peep brain wheel’s a turnin’ we don’t have all night. Ok, I guess we do have all night but I’m impatient.

ps: anybody got a clue (without using the assistance of google) what the title of this post is from? No, there will be no prize for that tid bit of knowledge either, but I will think you are really really intelligent.


20 Comments on “* once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary …”

  1. Cathy

    I just wanted to let you know I have read the post and I am thinking about the name. Also I googled and I know where it come from but I wont tell just yet.

  2. melinda

    cheater! I am laughing at you cause you just couldn’t not google it could you? I love you!

  3. Earpie

    Oh Cat I had to google too. I won’t tell yet either. I don’t know that I can think of any nice names for that poor bird but I will try.

  4. chrisi

    okay, the fact that the bird does not look like it was purchased at the dollar store should be number one on the list for sure. and THANK YOU MAMA! what about yo-j for the bird? its joy spelled backwards. i know, i know, that is my dead fish’s name…but your bird isn’t real so it can have the same name, right??

  5. Earpie

    Okay I looked at the list again. Number 8 is just plain mean. I agree with number 4. The background is good. As far as number 9, I assume Thad was probably not at a place he could be reached today. If he was why oh why are we still looking at that poor bird. Last but certainly not least number 2 is soo true. The bird is a loner bird because no other bird would want to be found near it. Please Melinda don’t get offended as this is just my opinion once more. It is YOUR blog. YOU be happy with it!

  6. melinda

    oh ear pie … I am so offended I cannot hardly stand myself … paah hhaaa haaa … you make me smile.

  7. courtney

    …I think I’m partial to this particular background because of the colors, the whimsical little dilly-doos surrounding the bird, and it seems to be a happy little thing…

    I love you! :)

  8. Heather Sharpe

    I love the bird! very colorful, and bright. I would name it Little Debbie. How do you think it got that fat? Bird seed? worms? I think not!!!

  9. Cathy

    Dilly Doo that is the name.

  10. melinda

    y’all are just not right! goodnight my lovely peeps … you make this chick chuckle!

  11. chrisi

    cathy do you like the bird?

  12. Cathy

    yes i like the bird, it is simple and easy on the eyes (you know i am 40 now)

  13. chrisi

    and i know you need easy on the eyes since you’re sooo old 😉

  14. Harrison

    Well I’ve already told you but now I’ll publicly comment that I like the bird. And considering the little challenge you’ve placed on us, I think the bird’s name should be Edgar. ;o)

  15. anna(the favorite)

    well since i am the literature loving daughter i know for a fact that you are quoting THE edgar allan poe…love his work.
    so this is for the bird…
    “his name is brennan but you have to call him NIGHTHAWK”…phahahahaha
    love you
    (oh and i think your the only one who can put up with 4 girls in one house at one time when we are all jacked up on $tea and seeing as how i just dont think we are too normal…thank you for supporting me and all awesomeness:) love you)

  16. Thad Bentley

    I’m going with “Fudz”… Melinda will have to explain that someday…

  17. randall

    i think you should name the bird lynard…like lynard skinnard since he sings free bird and all :)

  18. anna(the favorite)

    ok so sorry to everyone out there who thinks they have a chance to win the bird naming thing…i am informing you that you’re not. after a l o n g day of pondering i have decided to change my suggestion of nighthawk(although it is a great name and im sure would have won the contest anyways)…i have changed it to Lynard Skynard…because he is a “FREEBIRD” thank you.
    love you mom:)

  19. anna(the favorite)

    CHRISTINA JOY!!!!! i know for a fact it was you…NOT randall and you cheat i came up with that and that green eyed jealousy monster set in and you want to win…well guess what?! YOU CANT!!! besides…you didnt even spell lynard skynard right! and lyndard skynard is not a he….its a “they” how do you plan on explaining to your sunday school class that you’re a cheater cheater pumpkin eater??

    I’m Going to WIN!! (if you aint first, you’re last!!)
    love (the favorite)

  20. Amy Barnes

    hmmm…I’m think that “Polly” might want a cracker.. pahahaha. =]

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