* first ever Freaky Friday …

Posted on January 23rd, 2009 by melinda in "Freaky Friday"


Hi my favorite little blog reading peeps … we are going to play a new game today. This has probably been done on some blog in blog land before but I’ve never seen it. I thought it would be fun to host a “Freaky Friday” edition for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. So here is the concept, have you ever seen the movie “Freaky Friday” if so then you’re gonna catch on quick, for you unenterained peeps it may take a few minutes to pick up the idea. In the movie, two people accidentaly change places, for instance, mother becomes daughter & vise versa … you still with me here? Now here is my plan … this week, I have shamed nicely asked my friend & co worker Heather to “change” places with me & post on my blog instead of me. She finally agreed after a little prodding from yours truly. I’m sure she will do great, she likes to talk as much as I do.

Heather & her husband Brian

Heather & her husband Brian

Heather here, so sounds like someone Melinda is calling me a big mouth? I do like to talk an awful lot, just not always about stuff that anyone wants to hear, or read. Melinda was correct in saying that she forced, bullied, threatened prodded me into writing a blog for her. She said I could write about anything that I wanted to, as long as I don’t drop the f-bomb, talk about people, or talk about anything that would be generally objectionable….. GREAT!! What the heck am I gonna talk about now?!?!?? I guess that only leaves one thing to talk about that doesn’t fall into any of those categories. MELINDA!! I am very lucky to have her as my friend, and here are some reasons that I love her:
1. She always shares here Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes with me, and anyone who has had one (or twelve) of those knows that you never share the cakes!
2. She gives fabulous back rubs. When you are stressed out or have a headache or just plain feel bad, her magic fingers are there for you. (Unless you are Earpie, and she won’t give her anymore cause she won’t return the favor, LOL!)
3. She is such a great Mom. I always go to her when I need some advice, even if my disfunctional children refuse to benefit from the advice that I get.
4. She is funny. I love nothing more than hanging out and laughing about stuff with her, remember Harvey who would dress like Nsync?, or Arnold and his comb over hairdo?.
5. She is always up for a good debate. We love to argue points, even if I am always right.
6. She hates to file, and “Oh My Lanta” so do I!!!
7. She is very thoughtful, she would give you the shirt off her back if you needed one. (I am still waiting on my stuff that you cleaned out of your closet!!)
8. She loves Lenoir, and that is where I am from!! (Nothing like the view from the front “porch” of the RV)

Ok, I have more, but I don’t have the time to put them all down. Melinda, are you still watching me? (I am being paranoid right? So unlike me!!!) Until next time! See ya!


(grabbing the keyboard back before she says something really really bad) I’m playing, I hope y’all enjoyed that as much as I did, well of course you didn’t … cause it was me, me, me that she was saying all that nice stuff about … ok fine, so what if I have to pay her when I get to work? Now the rest of you peeps should be preparing your “Freaky Friday” post cause who knows which of you lucky little peeps will be next? Oh, and it is not a requirement to say kind things about me or maybe you could at least think of 2 more to round it out to an even 10, or not. She probably struggled to get to 8. Btw, if you are wondering why I asked Heather first,(so she wouldn’t whine about being the last to know something) it’s very simple … she’s easy … I knew she would give in the quickest of all of you peeps & agree to do what I asked so I would shut up. Now, go on down to the comment box & leave her some lovin’ for her braveness and for following the chick a dee blog posting rules.

me. (& heather)

6 Comments on “* first ever Freaky Friday …”

  1. chrisi

    so how long is heather writing? just today? if it was just today, you could’ve at least let her finish mom!

  2. Cathy

    Heather you did a fine job for your first blog. I can see Melinda must have stood right behind you. How many little debbie tree cakes did she bribe you with? You should have made her pay first. I just bought her a apple pie so i wont have to do it next.

  3. Tony Jones

    I think this “position switching” is a great idea and ALOT more people should do it…of course I meant writing a blog entry …what were you thinking

  4. Earpie

    I’m just glad to see Tony is on board with us and reading the blog. Yeah!!

  5. chrisi

    heather, since you’re our blog writer for today, how was brian’s trip to the inauguration? (not sure if that was spelled correctly)

  6. Amy Barnes

    Way to go Heather!! LOVED IT! =]

    #1 – Melinda loves Christmas Tree Cakes but not as much as Anna Banana.

    #2 – Totally agree! Melinda gives awesome back rubs.

    #3 – Hanging out with her is FUN FUN FUN!!

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