* under the weather peep alert …

Posted on January 23rd, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

Caroline in Aruba

Caroline in Aruba

my dear peeps, I wanted to take a minute and ask a favor of you … I just spoke to my aunt Peggy (mama’s Peggy) and Caroline (her oldest daughter) is in the hospital. She has some form of MRSA, and as of now the Dr’s have been unable to pinpoint what is causing it. The plan as of now is to do a spinal tap in the morning and culture the infected area to try and make a determination on how to proceed. It is not life threatening, however, she is feeling very icky from all the infection in her body. So my request is this, keep her in your thoughts and prayers, specifically for the Dr.’s to be able to find the cause and render a cure, also, for her to feel better soon. I will be going over in the morning to check on her so I will try to update and let y’all know how she is doing. I should look pretty hot in those giant paper towel thingies they are making her visitors wear … for those of you who don’t know my aunt Peggy, I can promise you she is sporting that paper towel thingie like a rock star. Thanks my wonderful peeps … I appreciate you all so very much.


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  1. MckMama

    The comment you just left on my blog cracked the heck out of me. Wait. Does that make sense!? I am not drunk.

    The link for your name does not work. Click it, and nothing happens. But before nothing happens, I can see part of a url that tries to come up. I wanted to come over here so badly and tell you about your comment, so I googled the url I saw plus the word melinda. and presto! i’m here.

    That was a lot of work just to tell you that you cracked the heck out of me.

    But it was worth it, ‘cuz obviously you’re funny, even if your children suffered from nutritional deficits while growing up.


  2. Heather Sharpe

    Hope she gets to feelin better soon!

  3. Marjorie Markham

    Sorry to hear about Caroline. Keep us informed. Tell Peggy I will be praying for all of them. MRSA is not something to take lightly.


  4. Amy Barnes

    Wanted to let you know that I’m praying for Caroline & Peggy & the family.. =]

    “Thus says the Lord who made the earth, the Lord who formed it to establish it — the Lord is his name: Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not know.” Jeremiah 33:2-3

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