* You (ok, so I) deserve a break today …

Posted on January 24th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Goodmorning my peeps! woo hooo it’s Saturday, we have clean underwear around our house and it is not freezing cold here south of the mason dixon line. So what does that mean for you? Well unfortunately not alot, but for me it means: A. I got to sleep past 6 am (way past 6 am), B. I do not have to spend an entire day doing laundry & C. My darling non lazy day appreciating husband can go back outside where he belongs during daylight hours and leave me alone to play on the computer all day or read a book. I do not understand his entire concept of never being lazy. I mean seriously y’all, the boy does not know how to just sit down and do nothing … ever. Drives me nuts. Luckily for the betterment of our marriage, I’ve got that one covered for the both of us. Maybe he can go work on the latest piece of junk antique car he toted home from Cat’s house, that should keep him plenty occupied.

car-1 You might be a redneck if … now has sad is this? It doesn’t even have floor boards! Can I get a “bless” here my peeps?

As a side note here, I am never trusting Richard to go to Cat & Jimmy’s house alone again. She took way too much pleasure in calling to “inform” me that he was on his way home with a new lawn ornament to add to our ever growing collection. What are friends for? Once again, my “front porch” friends are looking better and better.


oh geez louise! now the 4 girls who were sleeping peacefully have arisen and want to eat. Can a girl not get a break??? The fantasty island town of lazy is looking further and further away … bless me. So here’s the plan, I feed them & they then realize there is some important thing they need to do today & they’d better hurry up and get there. Maybe, they can help Richard work on his master piece … I’m sure he’d be ever so greatful for their immense amounts of insight concerning the mechanics of the “flintstone mobile”

Now a couple things before I am whisked off to the kitchen to whoop up some pancakes & bacon. The name that bird contest will end promptly at 9 pm tonight. If you have not submitted your entry, get your fannies busy and do that. Kuddo’s to Kelly H. & Anna banana for knowing where the title of the post came from. I do not yet have an update on Caroline, Peggy’s phone is turned off for the time being, but I’ll post one as soon as I know. I haven’t gone to the hospital yet but plan to make my way there sometime in the near future. And lastly, I learned last night that apparantly feeding one’s children dorito’s for breakfast is not held as a common practice in some parts of these United States … who knew!

ps: Thanks to everyone for playing along here on our blog. I’m glad to see Tony is finally showing some blog love & I cannot believe mr. preacher man, my brother or Brad are missing out on naming the bird. And if you are visiting my little blog & I haven’t yet had the pleasure of making your aquaintance, please leave me a shout out, I’d love to hear from ya. Y’all have a wonderfully lazy great day.


5 Comments on “* You (ok, so I) deserve a break today …”

  1. cathy

    Love your new yard ornament hope everything works out on that. See I was really looking out for you, I knew at some point Richard would go outside, where then you could have freedom to cook, clean, wash underwear and cook them girls some pancakes. I just know that is the real reason you need Richard out of the house. Now…get busy!

  2. melinda

    Catherine … bite me! You know you had alterior motives in him bringing that “thing” here, it is now no longer in your yard with your other lawn ornaments. At least it was not covered in some gaudy christmas decor. I love you!

  3. Amy Barnes

    Oh dear Melinda…looks like you will probably be seeing my husband a lot more since Richard got a new yard ornament…Rodney will help him with his master piece! lol

  4. Frannie....


  5. melinda

    my dear mother in law, first of all, bout time you showed up around here, secondly, he is YOUR son.

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