* I am so easily amused …

Posted on January 25th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


It’s Sunday and here we are at the end of week 3 on the blog. I would say so far, it has been a success. I can say that because it’s my blog and I determine the definition of success. For instance, to my knowledge, there have been no peep fouls, no putting out of a peep eye or any unrepairable damage done to any tender peep feelings. I define that as success. Plus, I just really enjoy getting to hang out with all of you. I have met people I may have never had the opportunity to meet & I have had great fun with people I already love, what could possibly be any better? Well, ok, maybe krispy kreme doughnuts could be better … I’m just playing … or not. I would now like to take a minute or 12 to clue you in on some things I have learned during the past 3 weeks.

a. you people are up at weird hours of the day & night
b. for some unimaginable reason, the majority of you do not invision me & Cathy as angels
c. the lack of clean underwear at my house is amusing to you
d. some of you read the blog and never leave a comment
e. my brother really is one of my favorite people in the world & would do anything for me
f. Brad’s head is now bombarded with “Bentley” stuff 24/7
g. my dad has yet to read this blog & probably never will
h. mr. preacher man has a wicked sense of humor
i. apparantly it is not normal to feed your children dorito’s or squeeze cheese for breakfast
j. I like referring to y’all as “my peeps” you’re my “peep posse”
k. cottage cheese has lumps in it
l. blogging is way more fun than cleaning
m. I tend to write like I talk, long and drawn out, I did not come equipped with a Reader’s Digest Condensed version of blogging. At least you don’t have to hear me get louder as I go.
n. you peeps are really funny when you think no one is looking
o. Richard is liking the blog because it means he does not feel obligated to entertain me
p. my children are still my biggest fans as I am theirs
q. my niece really is the prettiest baby in the universe
r. I have enjoyed learning how to do bloggie things
s. people live in very cold places cause they are nuts
t. some people do not like my main bird Lynard
U. make me very happy & I am very thankful for all of u.

Now, what interesting things have y’all learned over the past 3 weeks? I would love to know.


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  1. jodie schcoh

    Now… Melinda…would you have been talking about me with letter “S”. Remember…it is not a “choice”.(by the way it is now -7 out side)
    “A” could also be “me”, as I ran out of Lunesta. (I think you can relate.)..and I will admit…I like getting a laugh at 1 a.m. and I know if i “tune in” to your blog…i will get it. Your blog is much better entertainment than any ole late night T.V. show. Last, but certainly not least,I absolutely….positively … love you sharing your family photos. I had never seen a picture of Richard. There is only one photo missing….you.

  2. Earpie

    Wow oh wow! Melinda had to have me on her mind when she wrote the majority of those things. Just so you know, I’m liking the bird just a itsty bitsy smidge better. It kind of grows on ya. I haven’t managed to do the chat thing on the side but I must have phone troubles as well as Heather. Hope the hot dogs were good. Heather is an expert at those you know. She makes an awesome beanie weanie dish I hear.HaHa

  3. melinda

    oh I just spit drink, yes I hear Heather makes a great beanie weinie dish, let’s ask Brian about it … Earp, to do the chat wall thing, go to http://www.theblogfrog.com, click on sign up, enter your email & a password, click done a couple of times and then come back here & it should work. And as noted to Heather earlier, if y’all would CHECK the blog ever so often, you would have seen dinner/game night was an open invitation … and I am so glad you are liking Lynard an itsy bitsy bit more. btw, love you too.

  4. chrisi

    we don’t really look at your blog during all hours of the night (at least i don’t anyways, i shouldn’t speak for the rest of the blog readers)…when i comment, the time is wrong.
    here are some things i have learned since you have created this blog:
    a. thad has created a blog-addicted monster (a good monster, but nonetheless a monster)
    b. because you are a blog monster, i have now turned into a blog-reading monster
    c. we have some very funny family and friends
    d. you can always make your readers laugh
    e. that’s all for now :)
    keep up the good work mommmmmy!

  5. Amy Barnes

    Just a few things for now:

    a. You know me and Rodney(especially) is not up during weird hours of the night…since we’re party crashers. ha

    b. I believe you and Cathy are Angels {just in disguis}

    c. I love reading your blogs!!!

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