* addict in training …

Posted on January 28th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

I absolutely could not resist throwing these up here even though I should be in bed asleep right now, how can you resist this????

just say no! put down the doughnut crack & walk away.

just say no! put down the doughnut crack & walk away.

crack in the box baby!

crack in the box baby!

some rotten apples don’t fall from from the tree! save auntie m some of those doughnuts my little miss sunshine.


8 Comments on “* addict in training …”

  1. chrisi

    she goes straight from organic baby foods to krispy kreme?
    she’s one adorable little girl!

  2. Amy Barnes

    How Precious!!! Auntie M has such great influences upon her.

  3. chrisi

    just so you know, i get hungry every time i see these pictures.

  4. courtney

    Our we’ve voted, Emma Joy is currently the cutest baby. (I, of course, was the reigning champion for when I was a baby!)

    And she has excellent taste. Krispy Kreme is so good it’s sinful…

  5. courtney

    Whoops! That was supposed to be we’ve voted (a few cool kids here at Campbell) My OCD kicked in right after I hit submit.


  6. Cathy

    OK i think it is abuse that she didnt get to really eat the doughnut. Maybe she at least licked her fingers?

  7. anna(the favorite)

    ok so tell the daddies she cant eat those doughnuts! she will be out of shape for soccer.! and that will just not do. oh and that outfit rocks…wonder who bought her that?? 😉

  8. chrisi

    ha! just noticed she’s wearing the cow outfit while getting into the krispy kreme.

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