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Posted on January 30th, 2009 by melinda in "Freaky Friday"

Welcome to the 2nd edition of “Freaky Friday” where your favorite blog author forces, begs or threatens nicely asks one of her peep blog readers to switch places with her & be “her (im)poster for the day” or at least until I get really antsy and have to do my own post later tonight.

This week, my beautiful oldest daughter, has kindly agreed to apease her mother and swap places with me for a bit. If you do know her, give her some lovin’ just cause she was brave enough to play along, if you don’t know her, click on the page about my daughters & you can read all of her mother’s raving comments about her and then you can leave her a comment just cause she is such a great kid. Or maybe you have some insight or an opinion concerning her post, leave those too, but please play nice with my child.

So here we go …. (poof)

chrisi and randall

So, as most of you know, I am and elementary education major at ASU. The first controversial topic we have come to this semester is PE. Yes, good ole PE. So, there is a new curriculum called SPARK that we are learning about, and there is the old PE that we all know and some of us love. What’s so controversial about that?, you ask. Well, I will tell you.

PE as it is right now: Students play many games (dodgeball, kickball, tag, duck duck goose, etc.). Many of these games set students up for embarrassment, failure, and provide little actual activity time. In class, we call these “Hall of Shame Games” because they can make students feel ashamed. But we have alllllwayyys played these games! I agree, and I enjoy a game of kickball too, but should it be at the expense of another child’s feelings?

SPARK new curriculum: We haven’t gotten to study a lot about the new curriculum yet. However, the idea behind this curriculum is to have students active for most of the time while they are in PE. The activities designed in this curriculum are things that the entire class can do and should help students get in shape.

So, where do you stand? Randall says the new games are for wussy people, everyone needs to play dodgeball. I told him that he wasn’t the girl getting hit all the time with the ball! I think both sides have pros and cons…I was just curious about the parents’ perspectives of the issue (since we will be teaching your child). Tell me what you think. Please leave me some comments so my little kid feelings don’t get hurt. And if you think I’m a big nerd and do not care much about this topic, you can tell me that too. :)

Hope you all have a fabulous day! Oh, and while I’m telling you about how everyone needs to be active, I’m eating a cinnamon biscuit from Bojangles. Haha.


(poof) and I’m back ….

Thank you Chrisi, you did a great job. I have mixed feelings on the subject so before I comment I am going to think about them and then formulate my answer.

me. & Chrisi

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  1. Harrison

    I hated the “traditional” games during school so much so that I was scared of PE class! I grew up an only child to a single mom that couldn’t stand athletics so that should tell you how small my exposure was to sports and games. I also stayed either overweight or obese throughout school and to this day. What does that say? As I got into high school, college, and now adulthood, it turns out that I actually like sports and being active. Perhaps I would have discovered that earlier in life had I not been intimidated during PE. It’s a fact that more and more kids are obese at younger ages now. PE is essential and should NEVER be removed from a school curriculum. But I’m all for finding activities that inspire healthy competition without making some kids feel bullied. GREAT topic Chrisi!

  2. Cathy

    I agree with Harrison, Idont think PE should be removed. I can also see Ran’s side of it too. Maybe something like this Spark can come up with activities that would involve everyone and no one would get their feelings hurt. You did a great job glad it wasnt me once again. (even though I know it is comming)

  3. melinda

    after much consideration, this is my opinion. Under no circumstances should PE be taken out of the school curriculum, however, I can agree that some changes would encourage more participation, less hurt feelings & better self esteem in children, especially younger children who will hopefully grow up to be healthier children. I enjoy sports, I always have but if we are being honest, no one likes being picked last or singled out as a weakling. I am all for healthy programs that encourage entire group participation.

  4. Amy Barnes

    GREAT JOB Chris Loou Who… =]

    I definitely agree that PE should not be taken out of the curriculum. I think it gives some children a break from the classroom exposure. But I do think this new program SPARK would be great for children. Like Melinda said…some kids could get very hurt when they get picked last {that was so ME} so having some other kind of activities that encourage an all around group effort would be good.

    Now for Rodney’s take – he agrees with Ran – kids need to play dodgeball.

    LOVE YOU!!

  5. chrisi

    Thank you all so much for commenting!! :) PE is not being taken out of the curriculum, it is just being modified to meet the needs of all children (at least that is the goal). Teachers are required to provide 30 minutes (minimum) of physical activity per day for the class (even on days without PE). The goal is to lower obesity rates among children and promote active living styles. Keep up the commenting :)

  6. melinda

    I hope you are happy, not once has your Bapa looked at anything I’ve posted on this blog but he wanted to see “what Chrisi wrote” so he has finally taken a glance at the blog. He said you did a very good job. And he hasn’t thought about the whole PE thing long enough to have an opinion about it yet but if he does I will get back to you with it. Love you.

  7. melinda

    ok, Bapa’s resolution is to do away with PE and the kids play shuffle board, like the “old people” as he calls himself,, not that I have ever sen him play shuffle board. He says that way nobody gets hurt or gets their feelings hurt. And, it doesn’t matter what your sex or age is, it’s fair to everybody. That would be a politician’s answer :)

  8. tanner schoch

    good job chrisi!!!!

  9. chrisi

    Bapa loves me more than you and wanted to see what kind of brilliance I wrote on you blog…so he decided after you having it for a month, he would take a look. :) I’m not sure doing away with PE is the option the school system would see fit. We could add shuffle board to the program though. Haha. I like his “political” answer. Tell him I love him and miss him and Janie is doing fine. Love you too Mom!

  10. anna(the favorite)

    i would have to agree with ran the man. PE rocks. and everyone should play dodgeball and what not. gosh should we really make all the kids be pansys?? and if the concern is being picked last…make the teacher divide the teams…no matter what someone is always going to be better than another…no matter what the game or activity.

  11. Amy

    Great job Chrisi, interesting and thoughtful! I, too, am torn. I understand trying to have everyone participate and play nice and not be humiliated, but let’s face it – some kids will turn anything, the stupidest thing, into a competition. And there will always be a few kids who are stronger or faster who will prey on the weaker. (As my preacher put it today: Life is hard – Wear a helmet!)And sometimes I think that when we try to make everything even and fair, people on both ends of the spectrum end up resenting it!

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