* I lied, I didn’t go to bed yet …

Posted on January 30th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Yes, I realize in the chat thingie below I left my favorite peeps a message saying we’ve arrived safely and I was going to bed, well we did arrive safely and I am sitting in the bed as we speak, the only problem with that is I am now wide awake. So lucky you are stuck with me until I get sleepy. Hopefully, for your sake & Richard’s, my friend lunesta will soon begin to do it’s job. Which might also mean that shortly this post will begin to make no sense and the typing will be anything but legible. Should that happen, please laugh quietly to yourselves and walk away. Thank you in advance for not laughing at me to my chickie face!

Now that we’ve covered the sleeping part of my earlier comment, let me move quickly along to my arriving safely part. Maybe I should say, moving quickly along seems to have been the theme of my evening. I love my husband, I really do, he is one of my favorite people in the entire universe … but, I would rather eat dirt than ride more than 1/8 of a mile with him. Actually, I don’t really enjoy riding with anyone else who is driving that is not named melinda, preferably in my mini, alone & with the top down. You know why that is my peeps? Because I am a control freak, that’s why, I am learning to let go of my control issues but that is soooo another post, which will not include ingesting a lunesta right before typing. So back to my story, Richard, unlike myself, notices everything within a 10 mile radias of the interstate, roadway or mule cart path. I lie you not, he can spot a herd of deer in a pasture at 70 mph on I-40 in the middle of a down pour, and completely miss the fact that the tractor trailer in front of us just put on it’s brakes. He just said to tell you I was a big liar, no tractor trailer stopped in front of us on our way here, well of course it didn’t … cause he didn’t see it … my point is made. We have permanant imprints on my side of the truck door things that you hang on to. And, I don’t know if any of you have those navigation direction giver things, but hearing Tom Tom talk for 7 hours is very annoying. I’m not even sure why Tom Tom needed to come out of the console to begin with, it’s not like we haven’t been here many a time and as far as me or Tom Tom knows, the directions have not changed. If you want to know the truth, I just think Richard would rather listen to Tom Tom than me. So if you peeps are now wondering how I manage to ride 7 hours in fear for my very life? The answer is … I either sleep or pretend to sleep and think about things over and over in my pretty little head. No … not crazy, psycho things, just things. Like what if, while I’m gone something would happen to one of my girls? I realize they are adults or at least one of them is, you can pick which one you think it is … anyway, what if something would happen? … Today at work we talked about that very thing, how you really never stop being a mother and worrying about things mothers worry about, like what if one of them shoves a peanut up their nose or has a fight with their BFF or forgets to feed and water the animals and the peep you got for easter dies cause you didn’t water it. I mean that never happened when I was young but a peep tragedy could happen. So are you getting my drift? Or have I completely lost you? I guess the entire point of this post is:

a. I don’t like riding with other people, especially the person I loved enough to marry
b. Tom Tom talks to much
c. I will worry about my grown children the entire time I am away
d. I probably should not take a lunesta prior to typing a blog post

ps: which one of you is brave enough to tell Richard you don’t like riding with him either? paahhhaaa hhhaaa


10 Comments on “* I lied, I didn’t go to bed yet …”

  1. Cathy

    Glad you made it. I thought of you and your driver alot yesterday and I will admit it I dont like riding with him either. Lord knows what happens if a junk yard that covers an acre is on either side of the road what would happen. Now you see why I always say, no thats fine we will just take my car. I dont care if that includes fitting 20 people in the back seat as long as I am at the wheel.Have fun, hurry back . love cat PS hide the TOM TOM on the way back.

  2. chrisi

    hahaha. i hate riding with richard too. thank goodness i have my own vehicle so i can drive myself now. :) sorry richard.

  3. melinda

    Richard is forcing me against my will to tell my peeps that a). he has never run into daddy’s garage door, not once but 3 times, b).nor has he backed into the trampoline, the big red tractor or his truck sitting behind my car in the driveway. c). And Chrisi he said “I don’t like riding with miss textalot either” …

  4. chrisi

    i do NOT text while i am driving. i only talk.

  5. melinda

    I think Cat may need to address her control issues right along with me!

  6. Cathy

    that will be another blog. You know I dont have control issues.

  7. Amy Barnes

    Listen.Listen.Listen-Richard’s not that bad of a driver!! He always gets the horses where they need to be safely.

    Now on the way home from Kansas was a different story- all I can say is never again will I ride 22 hours one way with 3 men!!

  8. Amy Barnes

    Not too much longer and I will totally understand how mother’s worry so much!!

  9. melinda

    dear Cat, you my friend are a liar (check your pants they are probably on fire) ok, maybe control issues would not be the exact term I should use for you, maybe something more like “Aha my poor little minions, I am now taking over the world”(followed by an evil laugh) would have been more appropriate? I love you so very much, you make me laugh. And, just so you know, I licked my cell phone because of you & your bazillionaire husband today … thanks!

  10. melinda

    And now, on to my precious sweet Amy … it is soooooo obvious you are still young & crazy in love with that great husband of yours! please note that none of us “older, more experienced” wives offered to hop in the truck & ride to Kansas … Bradley would still be sitting there if he were waiting on me to ride with them to come fetch him :) and I cannot wait until Bailey gets here & you instantly fall in love with her & your whole entire universe of priorities become new. Y’all are going to be great parents. Love you!

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