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Posted on February 1st, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

If you know me or if you read much about me on this blog, then you know I am crazy nuts in love with my daughters. Today, has not been a good day for one of them. She is feeling sad & disappointed, and I really don’t like the part of being a mommy that doesn’t allow me to fix everything for either of them, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. So tonight I would like to share with you & her if she happens to read this, 10 things that I love most about her. Not that it will make her feel much better but maybe it will remind her of why she is so incredibly special to me & so many other people.

10. you can pull off wearing cowgirls boots with any outfit in the world, including pj’s.
9. you can clean the house way better than me.
8. you understand the value of working hard.
7. you have the most beautiful hair.
6. your intelligence, compassion & inner beauty amaze me.
5. your independence will be the cause of my future nervous breakdown.
4. that same independence makes me know you will excel at whatever you do in life.
3. you are not scared to bungee jump.
2. your smile makes me smile & you make me laugh more than anyone I know.
1. I am proud of the person you are.

Be proud of who you are … I love you to the moon & back a million times over!


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