* well now I can sleep tonight …

Posted on February 2nd, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Hi peeps. I am not terribly distraught to report that we are having an urgent peep prom, or pom as papa peep calls it, dress drama dilema at our nest tonight. Paa shaa you say, it’s barely February … how can prom possibly even be in the forcast yet, didn’t we just buy Christmas presents? Well that is exactly what my youngest peeps mama chick thought too, but what could I possibly know, duh, I am the mother hen as opposed to being a young hip peepster. Why on earth is it necessary to be worried about such a seemingly trivial thing … because under no circumstances would it be cool to have the same dress as some other copycatting prom attending peep. They would probably kick a peep straight out of the prom all together if that happened. There are several problems with this prom dress thing as far as I am concerned. #1. I do not plan to take out a second mortgage on my home to pay for a dress #2. I do not plan to let my daughter leave this house in anything that may reveal things that do not need revealing … eg: large amounts of cleavage, anything that may give one a visual of a bent over plumber, or anything remotely related to the showing of a belly button. Call me a prude, call me old fashioned, call me whatever you want but remember … my blog, my child, my rules. #3. I hate to shop, I even hate to shop online & I especially hate shopping for formal wear, in my estimation, it should be avoided at all cost, of course with the exception of my daughter’s senior prom. So here is my plan … ok, I don’t have a plan, you peeps got any suggestions? I have surfed this glorious internet looking for the perfect prom dress until my eyes have now permanately gone crossways. And to my knowledge, I have not done anything to warrant this punishment. I do have a serious question for ya, is it just me, or have we parents in general lost our ever loving minds when it comes to purchasing things for our children? Why is that? When did simply saying “no we cannot afford that” become such a terrible thing to do? Anywho, just sprinkling around some peep food for thought.


dum dum dum dum … we have an update peeps!

Well low & behold, while I was typing this post, she found the dress of her dreams!!! Can I get an hallelujah please … I think we have a winner. And even better than that, her mama likes the dress very much too. It is within our budget, it’s very appropriate and the best part, it does not require me to go to a mall, dress store or out of my house shopping in general. As my mama would’ve said “there is no reason to cross the big bridge”. Today is turning out to be a good day … whatever shall I concern myself with tomorrow?


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  1. courtney

    Yay! Good for Anna. I too loathe and despise shopping for any length of time and especially trying things on. Anna never came to my home to try on my senior dress…but I am so glad she found one.

  2. Eric

    Have no fear. I have two prom dresses in the basement that I would be willing to rent at a resonable rate and since it is you Melinda it would be real reasonable.

  3. chrisi

    eric- i am hoping that those are anita’s prom dresses and not yours. :)

  4. melinda

    ha ha ha ha ha … that was funny Chrisi. Come to think of it, I may pay more money if mr. preacher man would be willing to model them for us. Maybe that could be a fundraiser for our new church … buy a brick or pay to see Eric in Anita’s prom dress … it would be a toss up for sure.

  5. Eric

    The show would well be worth it.

  6. Amy Barnes

    Okay, you have to admit that me, you and Anna had a wonderful time last year driving to Hanes Mall and picking out a dress {which took several hours}!! =]

  7. melinda

    Amy, we did have a great time and she picked a beautiful dress last year, hopefully this year’s will look as beautiful on her!

  8. melinda

    mr. preacher man, I promise you if you put on Anita’s prom dress, I will pay for that show! I will however, (if I were a betting woman, which I’m not, cause that would be very very bad of me, I mean I only bet once in Sunday School about what veggie you will be preaching on) … wager a bet that she looked way hotter than you will look. How did you ever get her to marry you anyway :)

  9. Eric

    you are correct, she is way hotter than I but she sure has good taste. God blesses those who serve Him and He saw that I would never make a lot of money, have a fancy house or drive a Lexus so He gave me a hot wife

  10. chrisi

    and i’m so glad He did! what would we do without anita??

  11. anna(the favorite)

    ok. so im super pumped i got my jovani tye-dye dress!! now that’s over with i have something to say…
    *under no circumstances(and i mean none) should eric be allowed to say the word hott! (unless speaking of the weather)

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