* welcome to the peep snow …

Posted on February 3rd, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


It’s snowing! I realize to some of you northern polar peeps, that is so not a big deal and for at least one of my favorite southern peeps it isn’t news to gleefully chirp about. For some reason my bff Cat doesn’t like the snow it’s cause she is a scrooge. It may have something to do with the fact that she is on call this week & may be called out at all hours of the night locking up evil doers or the fact that her hubby has to drive a long way to work even if it’s bad weather. Both of you be careful if you have to drive! Heaven only knows what I would do if something happened to either of you. How could I function? Who would send junk antique cars to my house? Who would make my child muffins for breakfast? Who would I call when I need my refrigerator cleaned out in case of an emergency? How many other people do you seriously think are waiting patiently in the wings to be my new bff? Who would organize things for me? Do you get the picture? Y’all best just stay home now that I think about it. I mean we might get like a whole inch of snow, and we southerners know that is the equivalent of a blizzard ’round these here parts.

Important snow update … (like 2 minutes into the first part of this post)

Whew! It would appear that the blizzard has passed at least for now. It is once again safe for Cat & Jimmy to leave the house. I just checked for like the 50th time in 15 minutes and it is now officially not snowing. We do not even have what one could consider a dusting, we barely have a sprinklin’ of snow. It basically looks like I threw some flour out the front door, how sad is that? I want a good snow! I want it to snow knee deep to a giraffe. Then I want to look at it for a little bit and then poof it all be gone, and spring be upon us. That’s what I want! I do not want to be snowed in in sub zero weather, I do not want to ever have a need for a snow blower thingie, I do not want to actually need to wear a coat outside. I just want to see it snow like it snowed when I was a little girl, that’s all, is that really too much to ask? I guess I shall just take my pouty no snow having self back in my little nest and throw myself a teeny tiny pitty party for a minute, or at least until I start thinking about the fact that it’s going to be a beautiful sunny 60 degrees here on Saturday. Maybe no snow ain’t such a bad thing after all.


ps: not that any of you care … but I just need to vent for a second … Richard just ate the last pecan praline that we stole brought home from Thad’s this weekend. They were from the River Street Sweets Candy Store in Charleston. That would be the now empty box above. And now I am really really upset! … Ok, I’m finished venting, thank you for your concern.


2 Comments on “* welcome to the peep snow …”

  1. courtney

    I totally agree – I like to see it snow, but once it’s gone it should be spring time. No more cold just for the sake of cold.

    Love YOU!!!

  2. jodie

    I would say since Richard ate your ice cream, you will have to make another “run” to Thad’s (really soon) so that you can get some more.Sounds good to me. There are extra benefits to that… you can go see your beautiful niece as well. Just trying to help!!!! :~)

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