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Posted on February 4th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Goodevening my fellow peeps! Tonight we are going to do something fun, informing & entertaining … In the big ole universe that is blogging, often times bloggers send other bloggers little questionnaire thingies … they are usually accompanied by the phrase “you’ve been tagged or tag you’re it” But since I am not yet all blogger professional and such, mostly I think I just type post to read myself type we are gonna try a very simple version of this “you’ve been tagged” stuff. We’re going to start out small and progress from there as time goes on. Most of you I know, hopefully, there are a couple peeps here and there that check in that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. But even though I know the majority of you, some of you have never met eachother, and from time to time someone will ask me “who was so and so that left you a comment?” We are fixin’ to rememdy that. It will however require some participation on your part. Are you ready? … If not, just humor me and play along anyway. (please! do you see that? I even said “please”)

So here is what you peeps do … scroll down to the comment box leave the answer to these 2 simple little questions. I’ll start and show you how incredibly simple it is.

#1. your name? (first name or blogger name will be great, no need to get intimate here)
#2. what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

See, how easy was that? And now … “tag, you’re it!” go on down to the comment box and leave me your answers. And if you happen to have your own blog & want to add a link or the address, feel free to do that too, I would love to check out your blog!


14 Comments on “* Ready, set … go!”

  1. Frannie....

    Frannie here….
    I would say snow cream but since Melinda does not like snow, I will say Banana Split is my favorite although it has been ages since eating any.
    Love ya…..

  2. melinda

    ahh my favorite mother in law … since my father in law will probably not be chirping in, I can tell you for absolute sure that his favorite ice cream is bryers vanilla bean … I know this because I eat it while at their house, that is if I cannot talk my mother in law into making me the best lasagna in the world! love you too!

  3. jodie

    Hi Melinda


    cookie dough ice cream

  4. Tanner

    Hey Melinda,
    ummm….i would have to go with my mom on that one (cookie dough)

  5. chrisi

    hi mom!
    i’m chrisi.
    my favvvvvvvvvvvorite ice cream is cake batter ice cream with yellow cake in it from cold stone (or ice rock hahaha).
    love you.

  6. cathy

    Its me Cathy, my favorite ice cream is reeses peanut butter ice cream, I dont buy it because I am the only one at the house that likes it and I would have to eat it all by myself.

  7. Earpie

    Hey Earpie here..Strawberry is my favorite!

  8. Thad Bentley

    Well, little brother here..or Thad to most.

    And I’ve got to go with Chrisi, the Cake Batter ice cream is the best ever. Guess it would be “crack in a cone” for me…

  9. tanner

    i love ice cream!!!

  10. courtney

    This is Courtney.
    I’m pretty partial to good ol’ bryers vanilla. But Cake Batter or Brownie Batter is close behind.

    Love you. :)

  11. Tony Jones

    This is Tony since Melinda got all in a tizzy when I asked if gelato or frozen custard (which is far better than ice cream)could be included in the survey. I guess I’ll go with Cookies n Cream

  12. chrisi

    what tony?? mom got in a tizzy?!?! i’m so shocked, she nevvvver does that!

  13. chrisi

    love you mom :)

  14. melinda

    christina joy … you are grounded! oh, and I love you too! and btw, I told y’all, I don’t even know those people at my house, they just keep showing up, so I could not have “planned” anything while you were working.

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