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Posted on February 5th, 2009 by melinda in "Thankful Thursday" ...


A big thank you to all of you peeps who are participating in our first ever “tag you’re it” post. If you haven’t posted your “tag you’re it” comment, please scroll on down to the last post and do so. I think I may have to change my original answer and agree with Chrisi that Cold Stone cake batter ice cream with yellow cake is the best thing ever … as my little brother pointed out … it’s like “crack in a cone”, that is funny!

Now moving right along to another new thing here on our blog, on Thursday, lots of people (bloggers) do post titled “thankful Thursday” … so we are going to play along too, we do not want to be bad sports and not play in all the reindeer blogger games! I can promise you that I have more than my fair share of things to be thankful for, and tonight I am going to share some of them with my peeps. I am however, not going to do the normal list of things one may read on a blog … I am going to tell you about things I am thankful for that are not your normal everyday thankful list items. The following are things that I could live without but would really prefer not to.

10. my blog
9. heated leather seats in my car
8. my uggs
7. 1000 thread count sheets
6. my snuggie blanket
5. goody powders
4. our dvr
3. my big, overly used, somewhat dirty chair
2. casual Friday’s at work
1. interns who do my filing (which I do not have right now)

Now, it’s your turn, tell me at least one thing, more if you like, that you could live without but would prefer not to. Have fun, I can’t wait to see what I might need to add to my collection of needs wants.

ps: don’t forget tomorrow is “Freaky Friday” and oh my is it gonna be a doozie … be sure you don’t miss it!


7 Comments on “* thankful Thursday …”

  1. chrisi

    10. cake batter ice cream with yellow cake :)
    9. hair straightener and super skinny
    8. digital camera
    7. my laptop
    6. my car
    5. memory foam pillow
    4. my uggs
    3. flat screen tv
    2. planner(s)
    1. diet mtn. dew

  2. Tony Jones

    As long as I have you I can live without most other things. But some women who aren’t crazy would be nice.

  3. melinda

    listen … first of all, I think you’re pretty much stuck with me, you know way too much about me for me to ever make you angry enough to stop being my friend. Secondly, I am trying to find you a sane woman, if you would just be a tad bit less shallow maybe that would aid in my quest!

  4. Tony Jones

    I told you many many times I’m ok with average….you don’t know how hard just average is to find around here

  5. chrisi

    tony–just because our standard for average is a little higher than most people’s doesn’t mean we’re shallow does it?!!?

  6. Tony Jones

    Chrisi..you are so right just because we won’t settle for below average or well below average or oh my lord thats scary..does not make us bad people..after all if someone is lucky enough to get us they should be a real catch also..love you

  7. chrisi

    haha, i totally agree!! randall is a real catch also, now we just have to find you one worth the time :)

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