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Posted on February 8th, 2009 by melinda in The Church House


Goodmorning peeps! Yes, I am actually chipper this morning, what’s up with that? Maybe it’s because it’s quiet in my house and I’m not rushing around to be anywhere for at least an hour or so, maybe it’s because it isn’t freezing cold outside, maybe it’s because I have gotten 4 nights in a row of really good sleep without my little friend lunesta pitching in it’s help. I know that may seem trivial to some of you normal sleeping peeps, but trust me, to this insomnia suffering chick, that is a big ole blessing!

The other night, on my little chat wall thingie that y’all never bother to use I eluded to the fact that Wednesday night Bible Study was very interesting … well, I’m not sure interesting would be the correct word, but I can’t think of a better one, so I will go with it. I know , I know … you are thinking “well of course it was interesting Melinda, you taught it” … you weren’t thinking that? shame on you! So anyway, I did teach but I was not the guilty interesting culpret this week. Nope, no one had to run & tattle to mr. preacher man about any silly comment I may have made. I did not call anyone a hottie, nor refer to anyone as a big fat weinnie head … I behaved! I was minding my own business, teaching away about David & Bathsheba and what happens? You won’t believe me if I tell you … but I’m going to tell you anyway. The senior Bible Study victims peeps lost their minds right there in the church house. Yes, you read that correctly, they came undone. Earl started it all. Now I have to tell you about Earl so you can appreciate this … Earl is a man’s man. He is the man all you peep men want to grow up to be. He is tall, handsome & loves his wife Betty & his family. When Earl got run over by his tractor, Richard said “so how bad was the tractor hurt” & let me tell ya, I am pretty sure that I would not want to be on Earl’s bad side cause I think he could still take me down a notch or ten. So Earl says “I just want to know why Bathsheba was on that roof, naked, taking a bath to begin with” so after much discussion, we came to the conclusion that Bathsheba was in the hot tub on the roof. Ok, yes I realize this sounds a bit non traditional but it makes complete sense to me, which might ought to worry you a tad. So I regain what little composure I possess to begin with & move along with the study. We get almost to the end, we were almost done without any screw ups for the week & then, low & behold we begin a discussion on whether or not Bathsheba had an option to go with David. If you have never been in a Bible Study in which there are great age variations, you should find one to attend, you have no idea what you are missing. During this discussion, we are having a friendly debate over whether or not she wanted to go or as King he just took her … it was interesting to say the least. And then out of no where it happened … my wonderful, grandmotherly, piano playing, dear friend Annette, whom I should tell you is not typically unconventional, pipes up & says “she went cause she liked it, she got pregnant cause she enjoyed it, that’s why it all happened, cause she liked it & wanted more”!!! For those of you who know me, speechless is not a word normally associated with me, but I was absolutely jaw dropping, red face turning, speechless. Never in my entire life did I imagine what had just happened. Not even in my best dreams. I was done, finished, there was nothing left to say. I did not even attempt to stay calm, I laughed so hard I nearly pee’d myself & oh, I was so not the only laughing peep either. So for any of you reading, who think studying the Bible is not interesting, come on down to our church house on Wednesday night, I promise you 2 things … #1. it will be interesting & #2. you might just learn something. I just want to say, I am so glad to know that I am not the only person on this planet who thinks people in the Bible were often a brick shy of a loud, just like us. It makes me feel much better to know that humans were & always will be human. It makes relating to the Bible just a tad easier for me. I should probalby also point out that mr. preacher man has asked Richard & myself to consider taking over the youth group on Wednesday night … I am not sure if that is a good thing or if they just want to get me out of big people church on Wednesday night so he can stop having to make excuses for my behavior. Maybe the teens will be fun but I cannot imagine them being anymore fun than the adults. So remember, if you live near us, you aren’t busy on Wednesday & might actually want to learn something interesting about the Bible, come join us, we’d love to have ya. Now, I’ve gotta go get ready since they won’t let me come to church in my pajama’s … yet, I’m still working on that one.


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