* meet my newest blogger self …

Posted on February 11th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Yay! I have a blog header that is completely me! What do y’all think? I love it! Well of course I love it, it has some of my most favorite things all together, displayed for the world to see. I very much enjoy camping, my mini is my most valued material possession, my “devil’s track” creek is there, and last but not least … did you notice Lynard was still hanging out with us? I am so incredibly talented! You peeps know I just lied to you, right? ok ok, I confess, I didn’t design it, Thad did. Whatever would I do without him? Lucky for me (and y’all) I don’t plan to ever find out, I’m just going to keep him. And please note, that is a big decision for me, it only took me 38 years to decide I would keep him, it’s an inherited thing. It takes us Bentley’s a bit to committ to keeping people around for the long haul, thus it isn’t my fault I didn’t really want a little brother all those years ago, it was in my genetic makeup. And it absolutey wasn’t because I am spoiled loved alot & didn’t want to share my attention with anyone. I should’ve listened to my mama when she said he’d come in handy one day … she was right … as usual. Good thing I’ve grown up and gotten past all that being spoiled stuff, I mean, it’s not like I am still being spoiled at 40. Y’all know my papa peep is far to stern & such a disiplinarian, he would not continue to spoil his little girl in her adult hood. Nor would my brother just drop whatever he may be doing to come to my blogging rescue every time I call him, that would be silly of him. Um, what are y’all rolling your eyes about? do I sense that I am being called a “BFL” by my precious peeps? y’all should be ashamed! So anyway, seriously, do you like it? Does it hurt your eyes? Does it make you want to hurl vomit onto your computer? … or is it soothing, and cute & easy to look at? I need you opinions (about the blog header) the other ones I will ask for on a need to know basis. Oh, and let’s not forget the awesome little mini version of the header … my blog button. How exciting is that? Now I have to l lure other bloggers into taking it back to their blogs with them so we can get more peeps to come visit our blog. So if you have your own blog … copy & paste it and take it with you … I’d really appreciate it, plus it’s super cute. Now go leave me some comments so I know what y’all think!


10 Comments on “* meet my newest blogger self …”

  1. courtney

    I like it. It’s different without changing too much. Thad did a wonderful job with it. I still like the colors and the set up that went along with Lynard.

  2. Michele

    I love it! It is totally you. Thad even included all of your “friends” at the campground.(those that know the story will appreciate that little note). Just Kidding, I love you Melinda! Now all it needs is a Krispy Kreme truck delivering at the door!

  3. Amy Barnes

    I LOVE IT!! It’s totally you! Thad did a wonderful job. You should be proud. =]

  4. Tony Jones

    i see you (Thad) could not find a pic of a Christmas Tree cake to paste on there. You are not showing the love to the humble CTC. But it does look really good…is Kathy doing the Friday switch?

  5. chrisi

    love it mom! i’m going to post your button on my myspace :)

  6. Mom Anita

    Looks great! Maybe Thad could put his creative abilities to work for his princess sister – or would that be queen sister – and provide you with a new blog header every month! Isn’t it great to have such a talented sibling!

  7. Frannie....

    Very nice….
    Are you a Lucy fan?
    Reminds of Lucy and Rick’s trailor in the movie.

  8. Cathy

    I think this is the best one so far. It is easy on the eyes.

  9. Thad Bentley

    Ok, a new blog header every month? Someone has had too much Crack-in-a-box!

  10. melinda

    lol, so you think mom Anita is hitting the crack in the box a little too much? maybe all of us computer illiterate peeps are just amazed at your abilities, but I think I may like her idea … you’ve got like 15 days to come up with something new … I really do love it, you did a great job! thank you.

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