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Hello my peeps … we have once again made it to Thursday here on our blog with no major snaffu’s to speak of this week. It is now time for our second installment of “Thankful Thursday”. Since I am not your everyday normal kind of girl, I chose last week to tell y’all about 10 things I am very grateful for but could live without if I had to, but would prefer not to. Somehow, in the mass of confussion that is normally floating around in my pretty little head, I neglected to mention at least one item I would really really not want to live without …


Actually, I guess it is more than one item since it comes in a box of 6, it use to be 8 but it is now 6, not sure what’s up with that! My dear personal not really friend Little Debbie and I are going to have to talk about the reduction in the product count of her delicious goodies. I like most any ole Little Debbie product (one does not become “chunky” by being picky about one’s choice of Little Debbie snack cakes) However, I am overly partial to the ever so famous Christmas Tree Cake, it is my personal favorite. In fact, it ranks pretty close to some crack in a box krispy kreme doughnuts in my addictions of choice. So this week, I want to share with you peeps why I am so very thankful for the Christmas Tree Cake …

this is not the little debbie truck that we didn't chase down in the walmart parking lot to take a picture of!

this is not the little debbie truck that we didn't chase down in the walmart parking lot to take a picture of!

10. it’s vanilla and I love vanilla
9. it comes equipped & embelished with pretty little sprinklie things
8. it has vanilla cream in the middle
7. they come two to a pack so I don’t have to decide whether or not to eat two at one time, the decision is already made for me cause you cannot possibly open a pack and not eat them both, it’s against Little Debbie’s rules.
6. they are shaped like christmas tree’s, how much talent must that take the baker peeps over at Little Debbie’s house?
5. an entire box will fit into my overly oblong pocket book, thus not making me appear to be a big fat cow while toting the box discreetly into work, plus it helps hide them from my co-workers who may want me to share against my better judgment.
4. they are a holiday treat one cannot do without, christmas season does not officially start until christmas tree cakes are on the shelves to be purchased by hungry little christmas chicks who have been waiting an entire year for them to come back.
3. they are covered in vanilla icing that is perfectly molded into a not hard but not mushy consistancy.
2. they are soothing to the pallet (or they sooth my need for a fix, whichever one works fine for me)
1. Tony brings me at least a box per week. Does that make him my christmas tree cake enabler or just a really good friend? oh well, he’s a considerate little troll elf either way.

And now … “tag you’re it” … what is the one treat you could live without but prefer not to?

ps: don’t forget tomorrow is another edition of “Freaky Friday” and it’s going to be a funny one, so don’t forget to check back to read a post from my weekly (im)poster!


3 Comments on “* thankful Thursday …”

  1. chrisi

    i was reading the entry to randall and we decided you’re not a real christmas tree cake fan because they do not come two to a package. and he was upset that they made the cakes skinnier this year. :( so i guess we vote for christmas tree cakes too–the old ones that were fat and 8 to a box :)

  2. melinda

    omg, you’re right, there is only one per pack, but we’ll just pretend like there are two in each one. night night, love you.

  3. chrisi

    haha, okay. maybe we’re just used to eating two at a time so it seems like there are in fact two in each package.

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