* “Freaky Friday” … I love my Cat!

Posted on February 13th, 2009 by melinda in "Freaky Friday"

Hello my favorite peeps in the world. Welcome to “Freaky Friday” … this week I have guilted, begged, reminded & somewhat forced nicely asked my bff Cathy to be my weekly (im)poster guest and write our “Freaky Friday”. The truth is, she has begged me for weeks to let her do it! Ok, she didn’t but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What should I tell you about Cat? I could write an entire post about her, our families & what her friendship means to me … and I may do just that one day, but not today. She is simply the best friend any girl could ask for, and I’m glad she’s mine. We stopped distinguishing between family & friend a long time ago. My children call her their “other mother”, the one who actually cleans house & washes underwear on a regular basis. Mostly, she is that friend that regular wives & mothers love to hate because she makes us all look bad! So now, without further ado, I present to you, Cathy’s version of “Freaky Friday” …

zippitty boppitty boo … (poof)

Chrisi & her "other mother" Cathy

Hey all, it’s me Cathy. After 3 weeks of threatening asking, Melinda has finally talked me into doing “Freaky Friday” this week. After many suggestions, I have decided I am going to do it about camping. Everyone is invited to go with me (or should I say … at the same time I go) but there are a few rules you have to abide by. Please see and take note of the following list of rules:

#1. Let me tell you up front, I don’t share or play well with others (unless of course, you are doing things my way).

#2. #1 leads to #2 … you must bring your own camper. A camper is too small for me and you both. I have been known to share with a select few (you know who you are & that I love you dearly & didn’t mind sharing with you).

#3. I have to take my own vehicle when I go because that way I don’t have to depend on anyone to be ready when I get ready to go.

#4. When I get my camper & campsite set up, please do not change anything! If you agree or don’t agree, just leave it where I put it, it’s there for a reason.

#5. Do not touch, I repeat … Do not touch the thermostat, it is set below 20 degrees for a reason. Just ask Michele (my sister) it’s never cold in my camper!

#6. If I want to spend the day sweeping my front porch, cleaning my camper or reading a good book, it’s ok. If I want to decorate gom up my camper for whatever holiday it may be, it’s ok. If I want to do all of these things instead of going swimming, walking, hilking or going to listen to the band, it’s ok. I am a big girl, go without me, I will be fine (melinda’s “friends” will come to visit me, I’m not alone) Now, every now & again, Jimmy says if I will take a walk with him around the campground, we will get some ice cream when we go by the store, now that is a done deal! I am going for a walk. However, I have discovered that you have to get the ice cream first or he will avoid the store & I have taken a walk for no reason.

#7. If you are lucky enough to be my camping neighbor, do not dare tell my kids to be quiet after I have listened to your dog bark all day. If you do, you will be told to mind your own camper & shut your yapping dog up! And when you get done with that, move your vehicle or golf cart out of my camping driveway. I cannot help you need more room to park 3 of the 10 cars you brought because you have 20 people staying in your camper … (refer to rule #2)

So all of this being said, I’d love for you to come camping with me if you can follow the rules. Now maybe you understand why melinda has to keep her friends on her porch!

ps: do not knock on my door, beep my nextel or call my cell phone before 9:00 am … for any reason ever!

zippitty boppitty boo … (poof)

I’m back! Holy sheep crap Cat woman … you scared me a little bit! So now let me tell you why I enjoy camping with you … #1. I have my own camper (thank you Lord) #2. I enjoy the entertainment of you & Jimmy setting up your campsite. #3. I am fine with you not feeling a need to entertain me. #4. A bazillion other reasons. And now my peeps, are y’all ready to pack a bag & head for the campground with her? I must warn you … she is being honest about all those rules, but she makes up for her rules by being a really great cook & organizer. So get ready, it’s about to be spring & you are welcome to join us on our camping journey’s, much humor will insue, so come on along, I dare you, in fact, I double dog dare you! Now, before you start packing, scoot on down to the comment box & leave my favorite Cat some lovin’ for being a big girl & writing our “Freaky Friday” … remember, you could be my next victim guest.

me. & Cathy

12 Comments on “* “Freaky Friday” … I love my Cat!”

  1. chrisi

    ohh other mother :) i’m proud of you for writing! and if anyone does come camping with us, they should write these rules down and pack them in their suitcase…because she isn’t joking.

  2. chrisi

    p.s. love you!

  3. Michele

    O.K. I have to tell you, I have had the great pleasure of camping with this wonderful bunch. I also have been one of the few loved ones(now don’t be jealous because I am special) allowed to stay Cat’s camper and she lied, yes it is cold, very very cold! You wake up with icicles on your nose!!! But I do love it and I have to agree with her rules. We are all together if we want to be and if not you can go away and do your on thing, but we all have to come back together around the campfire each evening for the great entertainment. If you want to know what this is you will have to come see for yourself!

  4. Thad Bentley

    I thought camping was a vacation? Sounds like a lot of rules for vacation.

  5. melinda

    my dear little brother, we are a very structured, rule oriented bunch of peeps! I only have one camping rule … if you use my bathroom, it must be clean when you leave it. see, how easy is that?

  6. Mom Anita

    O.K. – So I don’t quite understand this camping thing. Sounds like cleaning house on a smaller scale to me. I enjoy nature when I go to Blowing Rock and rent a chalet for the week-end. Somebody else cleans and I get to eat out, shop, go for walks or whatever I want to do. I guess, at heart, I must remain a city girl, though I do have lots of admiration for those of you who are so willing to go to those lengths!

  7. melinda

    hi mom anita … I understand your concern with the entire camping thing, to be honest, I never invisioned myself as a lover of the camping experience … until I went camping. I was hooked! I like it for several reasons, for instance, it’s my stuff, nobody else slept there the night before, it’s cheaper than a hotel & I can wear pj’s till at least noon & nobody thinks a thing about it. I have begged your son to come with but he’s a party pooper and won’t. You should come join us sometime!

  8. Mom Anita

    I’ll give it some thought. You won’t expect me to bait a fishing line with live worms or shrimp or anything like that will you? You also won’t expect me to gut fish, hunt or trap anything, right?

  9. melinda

    right! I will be glad to bait your hook, I do that for Cat anyway … we never catch enough to worry about gutting anything and I would probably injure myself if I tried to use a trap of any sort, so we’re good there too. I may however expect you to grill or chop something!

  10. Heather Sharpe

    I loved your post Cat. Isn’t my hometown of Lenoir great? Your rules are fab, and I don’t blame you about the ice cream thing. Does the store sell Christmas Tree cakes? If so, i’m there!!!

  11. Amy Barnes

    LOVE THE POST!! Oh, how the rules are so true! I can’t wait to go camping! =]

  12. Earpie

    Okay Cat knows my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn that is minus the cable. No camping for me but I do love hearing the camping stories. Most of all I love the fact that Melinda can go and just come back so relaxed.

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