* not tonight honey, it might be dangerous …

Posted on February 13th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Hey y’all. Have you thought once about today being Friday the 13th? I have a couple of times, wonder why that is? I was curious to know why we, as a culture of peeps, consider Friday the 13th to be bad luck or an unlucky day … so I did what any curious chick would do … I went a googling. (I also often wonder what we did prior to google) and this is what I came up with:

A significant piece of the legend is a particularly bad Friday the 13th that occurred in the middle ages. On a Friday the 13th in 1306, King Philip of France arrested the revered Knights Templar and began torturing & killing them, marking the occasion as a day of evil.

There were also several references about Friday’s being a significant day in the Christian faith, such as the crucifixion took place on a Friday, it is thought that Eve may have given the forbidden fruit to Adam on a Friday & that the great flood began on a Friday. However, there is no mention of the 13th being the specific dates that any of those events occured & they maybe didn’t even happen on Friday’s, I could not find any clear evidence other than it was a common belief, not fact.

What is the first thing that pops into your freaky friday little lovin’ heads when you see or hear that today is going to be Friday the 13th? I can tell you without hesitation that I start hearing … chhh chhh chhh creepy sounds in my mind. I also do a couple of other things … I make sure I am near someone I can out run (yes that is probably only my grandmommie but she lives next door so I’m good), I absolutely do not even consider romantic notions because the making out idiots get hacked up first every single time, I will not and I repeat, will not be sticking around to save you should slasher boy show up … you are soooo on your own, I hope for your sake you can out run me and I am not above tripping you if you should try. I am not going to paddle out in the middle of a swampy lake in order to save myself … me in a cannoe is not safe on a bright sunny day much less with a crazy slasher guy chasing me. If he happens to be toting along a box of krispy kreme doughnuts (aka: crack in a box) I will just politely give up, eat the doughnuts and die happy. If he wants to share the doughnuts & strike a bargain with me to dime you out, I’m sorry, cause you are soooo getting hacked up … what? a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! And last but not least, I am not under any circumstances pulling off that hockey mask thingie he wears … ewww yuck, not gonna happen. Now you have been fairly warned … I may not be the best person to go on vacation with over the Friday the 13th weekend. Check back with me around Arbor Day or some other safe holiday, we should be good to go!

So here is my question to you … do you have any weird hangups about superstitions? Do you avoid leaving your house on Friday the 13th? (I might avoid leaving my house Monday thru Friday any day if it were a viable option) Do you freak out if you break a mirror? Have you ever nearly had a stroke because you walked under a ladder? Have you ever almost wrecked your pimpin’ ride cause a black cat crossed in front of your car and you had to hurry up and make an X mark on the windshield to block out the bad luck that was surely headed your way? Do you jump over cracks to save your poor mama’s backs … bless you, you are a good child. If you open a knife do you have to close it so it doesn’t bring you bad luck? Ok, those are some of the superstitions I can think of, do you know anymore? Do you heed them? Chirp in and let me know, I find it all very intriguing. (yes, I lead a dull life & I’m easily intrigued … so what?)

ps: can any of you peeps, without using google, tell me the first & last name of slasher boy in the Friday the 13th movies. Do not cheat and I mean it!


5 Comments on “* not tonight honey, it might be dangerous …”

  1. Cathy

    well for one if a black or for that matter any color cat crosses in front of my vehicle it better make some fast time because i’m not slowing up to make any signs on the window. Everyone knows the only cat at my house is me. i cant think of any more besides the ones you mentioned but i will think on it.

  2. Mom Anita

    Would it be Michael Myers or Jason somebody? I’m not too fond of those kinds of movies and really don’t watch them. There are way too many idoits roaming around who really do behave that way. I watch movies to be entertained and being terrified is not my idea of entertainment! Many years ago, I decided that books are a much better option!

  3. melinda

    mom anita, did you read “the red tent” yet? I am in need of a discussion about that book.

  4. Mom Anita

    Yes, I did read the book and really enjoyed it!That’s not anything I would ever have bought for myself, so it was a great gift!

  5. melinda

    Cat? have I told you lately that you are evil? :)

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