* my very own valentine devil …

Posted on February 14th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

richard's avatar!

richard's avatar!

In honor of the cheesiest greatest holiday of the year … I would like to take time to share with you a little about my very own personal valentine. I have known him for many years, been married to him for alot of those years. I want to point out that my valentine is A.) way hot B.) very handy to have around & C.) romantically challenged. Now, I realize that might be an issue for some of you romance lovin’ peep girls … and don’t get me wrong, a big ole vase of tulips would be fine, but my instant thought would be “how in the crap are we going to pay for these” not the normal “oh, wasn’t that just the sweetest thing ever” yeah I know I am an odd chick … it’s ok. What you should know about my valentine is even though his idea of romance may not be typical … he is very good at being my valentine. So I plan to keep him! And just for fun, I am going to share with you 10 things that I feel absolute certain will happen before my valentine sends me flowers.

10. the rapture
9. I will wake up in the morning & be a size 2
8. He will move all the junk antique cars out of our yard
7. we will win the lottery
6. I will change my political affiliation
5. I will enjoy doing laundry and cleaning house
4. I will become quiet, shy, reserved & unopinionated
3. I will exercise for the fun of it
2. changing the oil in your honey’s car will become the most popular valentine’s day gift ever
1. hell will freeze over!

so go ahead now & tell me all the sweet, romantic, mushy things your valentine will be doing for you today … I will be standing over by the door waiting patiently for the florist to show up!

ps: I should say, he does on occassion pick me wild flowers & bring them home, so to his credit he is not completely unromantic.


4 Comments on “* my very own valentine devil …”

  1. chrisi

    hahahaha. those things will all probably happen before richard turns into a romantic guy.

  2. robin

    great to see you last night. love the top ten. I am still laughing @ your water being turned off. Happy I had some time to catch up on your life. my new nickname for you is LIL’ Debbie.XXOO

  3. melinda

    oh my dearest robin, little debbie is a wonderful nickname! I was not loving the whole turning off of the water thing and I surely didn’t enjoy apologizing one bit. so glad I got to see you & your amazingly beautiful daughters, we miss you very much!

  4. purejoy

    okay, i pretty much just peed my pants! that is the funniest list i have ever seen!! i almost FAINTED when my husband sent me a dozen assorted colors roses (probably b/c they were cheaper, but oh well!)from FTD! nevermind that he sent his secretary some and thought he might be permanently maimed for doing that and not giving me anything. at any rate, i took it. relished them and have been inhaling roseness for the last 24 hours.
    although, i would have rather had the rapture, come to think of it.

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