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Posted on February 15th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

Just a small glimpse of our Valentines dinner with the Bentley’s. Robin, Kate & Olivia got to come home for a short but wonderful visit this weekend and my Aunt Wanda & Uncle Harvey were kind enough to have both sides of their families, along with some good friends down for a covered dish dinner. We had a great time hanging out & visiting, plus we ate some pretty darn good cookin’ … this is just a small sampler of photos from the evening. Kate didn’t want to get her picture made, I don’t much blame her, we are kind of a loud scary buncha folks … the last ones are of Chrisi & Olivia … Robin & I sure did manage to birth some beautiful babies!

enjoy the pictures.


3 Comments on “* family, food & fellowship …”

  1. chrisi

    i’m just wondering when robin and patrick need me to come babysit…kate and olivia are adorable! kate still is shy, but olivia didn’t care a bit to become my friend. we miss you bunches in nc robin!

  2. melinda

    I don’t know but I sure hope they pay mileage!

  3. robin foster

    sooo exciting to see our beautiful children together. I actually need a sitter on saturday if that works for you Chrissi. Missing you all.

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