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Posted on February 15th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


oh my gosh, what a morning! oh, hi and all that friendly stuff I usually say. I have come to a sad awareness in my life today. I am not a responsible dog mama. This makes me a bit sad. I am begining to think it is only by the sheer grace of God that my children have made it safely to adult hood. Why all the gloom in my little chickie disposition today? Well peeps, I must confess, I lost my dog. He is now found and sleeping happily on my sofa but earlier he was missing in action. Now, the losing of a dog may not be important or a big deal at your house but at our house our dogs are part of our family. They live inside, they entertain Richard & myself since the girls are not here much anymore. Plus, they are an awesome form of birth control since they sleep right smack in the middle of the bed between us most nights. Yes, I know, how sad is that? So what happened to my precious boxer baby? I forgot to let him back in last night when he went out to potty. Yep, I did, I closed the door, forgot about him & took my fanny to bed. It did not occur to me until later that something was missing in our little nest … so we looked for him, we searched, hollard, woke up the neighbors called Bapa & Chrisi … still no Dozer. I could not imagine him willingly getting in a car with anyone but I was very concerned he was hurt somewhere in the world without his mama to care for him. And on top of all that, it was my turn to teach Sunday School, so not going to church was not an option. So I did what any responsible puppy mom would do … I forbade Richard & Anna to leave this house for church until my dog was safely back home. And thank heaven above, they located him, alive & only a little injured. Apparantly he played a game of kick with one of our horses & the horse won. He is limping a bit & has a big ole bloodieish bruise on his leg, but I think he’ll be fine. He is sticking close to the sofa this afternoon. He will probably never trust me to take him out to potty again. Looks like I will have to add that to Richard’s honey do list from now on. If my mother in law is reading this, she is probably on her way over here to pick up her gran dogs & take them to her house since I cannot be trusted to care for them. Now I need to go take a nap & catch back up on the sleep I didn’t get last night. Anyone need me to dog sit for ya? just hollar!


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  1. Frannie....

    I am reading this at 11 pm. Should I come now?

  2. melinda

    um does this mean I am in really big trouble? wait, don’t answer that! your son has scolded me enough, not to mention the guilt trip anna took me for a ride on earlier. your gran dogs are fine & sleeping peacefully with your son as I type. night night, love you!

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