* I just thought I was a good mom …

Posted on February 16th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

emma joy eating her first organic baby food!

emma joy eating her first organic baby food!

Hi … how are my favorite peeps this monday evening? This chick isn’t feeling so great, my tummy is doing flip flops and I am not really enjoying the acrobatic show it’s putting on.

I got a comment today on my “Not Me Monday” post from a very funny blogger that I have never met. She made me laugh! One thing she mentioned was the fact that I did not write about diapering, breastfeeding or other things mothers with young children tend to write about. And she would be correct … I don’t. Not because I am oppossed to any of those things, but because I am way past that in my mothering career … can I please just take a long sigh & say “Thank you Jesus”! I do not mean that sarcastically either. I thank the Lord daily that my children have made it to adult hood, or almost nearly in Anna’s case, without me messing them up to much. I mean, they are fairly normal inspite of my mothering or might I say, lack there of, skills. I began my plunge into motherhood quite unexpectedly at an early age. To say being a mother was culture shock would be the understatement of the millinium. Let’s just say I was parenting challenged. The fact that I did not starve one of them to death, drown them by accident, forget them some random place or drop them repeatedly on their heads is a feat not to be scoffed at. And my oh my how things have changed in the parenting ball game over the last 20 years! First of all, I did not have all that cool stuff babies come equipped with today. I actually had to wind the thingie ma bob on their swing & it wasn’t silent either. I boiled bottles & pacifiers until they finally just melted into goo from so much sterilizing. My girls did not leave this house without a tshirt on even it was July & worn under their bathing suits. There were no bouncy seat thingies, no miniature enclosed fish tanks to hang on their led painted, bumper padded cribs and who knew a baby should sleep on it’s back? if my mamaw had caught me putting one of the girls on their backs, she would have flogged me senseless … did I not know they may spit up and choke to death, what in the world was wrong with me? And I’m curious, how in the world do you parents drive with a child in the back seat instead of up front with you? Now don’t misunderstand, we did use a car seat but it was up front with me. How do you shove gently place a pacie in their mouth so you can drive in peace if they are way back there in the back? And for pete sakes at all the gadgets y’all have, I thought I had seen it all & then low & behold I see something called an “it’s been” what the crap? “it’s been” what? it’s a little timer thing that tells a parent how long it’s been since you did something overly important like feed or change your baby. In retrospect I guess I did have an “it’s been” I just called it a screaming baby. How archaic of me, I relied upon my child to let me know if she was hungry or wet or poopy … silly me. And let me say, I admire all of you cloth diapering, organic food making & breastfeeding peeps, I really do. But the Lord knew what he was doing when he blessed me with children long before we were worried about the environment or the fact that gerber was apparantly not our best friend. Cause as much as I love them, I draw the line at cloth diapers. As long as there is a pamper to be had, this chick will not be washing out poopy diapers. I promise I will recycle anything that does not involve poop, I am all about saving the earth, but would it not be pointless to waste an entire roll of paper towels cleaning up my vomit after the changing of each cloth diaper … so I figure it all equalled itself out. And for the organic food, if I made my own, how could I have refilled those cute little baby food jars with home made strawberry jam? See, I did recycle! I also didn’t know it was a sin to give your child table food prior to their first birthday … that alone is enough reason for me to say a big ole whew! that the girls made it thus far virtually unaffected by the ignorance of their mother. I could go on for another 1000 words or so but I won’t. I will just continue to be dumbstruck at the advancements in the world of baby having … I will diligently read blogs that remind me of just how lucky my children are that I didn’t do any permanant damage to them. I will laugh & be thankful that it’s those other parents & not me walking blind folded through the corn maze called parenting. I will continue to admire you new parents & stand in awe of the most amazing part of parenthood … the love a parent has for their child does not change even if technology changes how we do things. I will however, most likely, continue to let my girls eat squeeze cheese, pop tarts & doritto’s for breakfast on a regular basis, geez louise … a girl’s gotta have a chance to do some blogging every now and again, I can’t be in the kitchen 24/7 & entertain myself you too!


5 Comments on “* I just thought I was a good mom …”

  1. Cathy

    You forgot about the individual packets of formula, you just dump into the non sterlized bottle. Then you dump that into room temp. water and you dont stand and pray the bottle would hurry up and warm up so the baby would stop crying. And who would have ever thought that you cant give the baby a little bit of baby cereal in their bottle to help them sleep better. What about a little bit of pepsi or sundrop in their bottle, what were we thinking?

  2. purejoy

    oh sing it sister!! i laughed about puking whilst changing a poopy cloth diaper!! i would too!
    and when i read about the “it’s been” it reminded me of the little thingy that pops out of the turkey when it’s done. hmmm. you may be on to something here!
    enjoyed your post. i’ll stop by again.
    and i hope you feel better.

  3. chrisi

    mom- despite the new “norm” of not giving your kids little debbies, doritos, and sundrop for breakfast, i think you did a great job raising me and anna. you’re a super duper mom and i wouldn’t want anyone else. love you!

  4. Amy Barnes

    AMEN to the cool stuff babies come equiped with in todays time.. =] lol I’m getting very excited and anxious! I can’t wait to be a mom!

  5. melinda

    I am excited for you to soon be a mom too Amy … y’all are definately in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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