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Posted on February 16th, 2009 by melinda in "Not Me Monday"

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Have you been spending your week just waiting on my “Not Me Monday” post so you could know exactly what it was I didn’t do during this past week? NO? you mean you have other more interesting things to do? Ok, I understand, but I’m going to share my “not me’s” with you anyway, you can just pretend you are overly interested. First of all I did not get ultra excited this week when my only favorite little brother designed me my very own personal blog header, I really liked my blog looking like other blogs … and not only did I not like my personal header, I surely wasn’t nutso crazy about my very own blog button cause that might mean I am becoming a semi cool blog having chick. I did not get the least bit excited that soccer season started for Anna, while at the same time being a bit sad that it would be her senior & last year playing for our high school, how can I function without soccer in the spring, I’ve only been going since Chrisi’s freshman year. I also was not elated for Chrisi when she got her braces off, I thought she was way prettier with a mouth full of metal covering up her sparkly white teeth. And I was not over the moon cheery that Anna’s prom dress arrived & fit her perfectly, she will not look like a princess at her prom, there is no possible way. I was not incredibly proud of my myself for having an entire lunesta free week & still managing to get a few good nights sleep, I enjoy paying a large sum of money each month to be able to sleep normally. I possitively didn’t get a laugh at Cathy’s “list of camping rules” she wrote for our “Freaky Friday” post, it wasn’t funny because if it were true, how could I possibly love camping with her so much? And most importantly, I in no way shape or form had a wonderful visit with my cousin Robin who was home from Texas. I didn’t like it one bit when I got to have an uninterrupted 15 minute conversation with her while watching her beautiful daudhters play with Chrisi, not to mention all the good food I didn’t cram my pudgy little self full of. And to end my week, I am not very grateful to have my hair cut in an actual style that does not involve a pony tail for me to leave the house, nor am I glad my eyebrows no longer look werewolfish nor am I now sporting a super sexy mustache, I’m a little sad those hairy features were removed, I kind of liked the wooly mammoth thing I had going on.

And now … what is it you did not do this week? Maybe you did something really stupid like losing your dog … whew! I am so glad I would never do something that irresponsible. Go ahead & fess up, we all know that y’all are imperfect little peeps too!

ps: I also did not enjoy having some new readers join us here on our blog & even leave some comments, why on earth would I have liked that? just playing, I really am glad to have some new readers, I very much enjoy you taking time to stop by & leave a comment now & again. thank you!


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  1. purejoy

    ummm did i ever mention i am a kindred spirit? that i’ve been gnashing my teeth at 3 am trying to see my sleeplesness as a “divine appointment” to pray rather than a maddening run of sleepless nights? that my daughter is a senior too? that i am having withdrawls over not freezing my a*s off on the sidelines of the soccer field now that my son has graduated and gone off to college? that i too live in the amazing southeast in the foothills (well, actually nearby valley, but what the heck it’s only 35 miles away) from the great smokey mountains? that it thrills the heck out of me that someone stops by and reads my blog (let alone stops to comment) what in the world?? and ohmystars that there is someone out there who does not have blogs about diapers, breastfeeding or disaster?? (thankyousweetjesus about the latter)
    thanks for the great post. i was nodding my head the whole time, and maybe in a few weeks, when the weather looks like it will really turn, i’ll go the whole lose-the-wolly-mammoth route. i’ll try not to blog about it tho. one is definately enough!! (refferring to my notmemonday)
    so great chatting. blessings to you from tennessee!

  2. chrisi

    here are the things i absolutely did not do under any circumstances this week:
    i did not get super duper excited when they took my braces off on monday. and why would i make a trip out of my way to taylorsville to show my mama and bapa my new brace-free teeth? that would be a waste of gas and i nevvver waste gas. i also did not have a fun wednesday night teaching sonshine kids for my second week. i hate teaching and i am never going to become a teacher. i also did not make mom look at my website i finished. and i’m not recommending that my friends and family go check out http://www.wix.com/kerleycj/miss-chrisi because it’s not a cool site at all. last but not least, i did not have a wonderful second valentine’s day with randall and my bentley family. i did not get anything sweet at all like a card or a photo session. because he is a mean boyfriend and does not do super nice things for me.

  3. Earpie

    Chrisi – Just wanted to check and make sure that you were absolutely not planning to watch The Bachelor tonight. I just know that you won’t watch! Of course, neither will I.

  4. melinda

    Chrisi, I already told you this but I just want to say it again for anyone who may want to go check out your page … it’s beautiful, you did a a very good job. I am proud of you! love you. Y’all should take a minute & go check it out.

  5. chrisi

    oh earpie- i absolutely did not watch it. who do you want him to propose to? i’m hoping for melissa :)

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