* just stand beside her and smile …

Posted on February 18th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


hello my fabulous little peeps! Never fear! your faithful blogging chick is climbing back up on the horse & slowly but surely back into the blog posting saddle (ok, that is a metaphor, because as I have pointed out here before, the idea of me on a horse is a sad sad thing … mostly the horse would be begging for me to get off if I didn’t fall off first, and no it would not be polite for you to agree with me in the comment section) so anyway, I’m feeling some better. And now, a bit of blog update information … for any of you who read the Friday the 13th post, the answer to the question is Jason Vorhee’s, if you didn’t read it, shame on you! Secondly, I would like to give a big ole shout out thank you chirp to all of you peeps who participated in the lame name game post last night, I got many a chuckle from your responses. Thirdly, please note that my good friend Durmire has graced us with his presence tonight, not sure what I have done to deserve that honor, but I am certainly glad he finally decided to show up here on our blog.

And last but not least … I am apparantly a liar. Yes, you read that correctly. Do you recall a couple of nights ago in this post, when I proudly pointed out that my children were fairly normal inspite of my lack of skill in the parenting department? Well my peeps, I was wrong … so wrong. Oh melinda, you say, you aren’t wrong, they are perfectly normal girls. Um, no … no they aren’t. Why are they not normal? Because their mother cannot get them (at least one of them) to behave at dinner long enough to take one blessed picture of them pretending to like much less love eachother! Do you sense the frustration in my grumpy little chirp? I broke out the 1! 2!! 3!!! in the middle of Wendy’s. No you didn’t melinda! Oh yes I did girl (and boy if boys are reading this) I even threatened to ground them. I’m not sure what I am going to ground them from, especially since one of them is a grown adult who lives in her own compartment apartment but I’m still pondering it over in my mean mama mind. I could ground them from their cars but there is one slight problem with that idea … I didn’t buy the cars, my papa peep did. And the likely hood of him disciplining them for any reason is somewhat akin to the notion of Santa Clause takin’ up deer hunting, shootin’ rudolph & chowing down on some reindeer stew with a sprinkling of pixie dust thrown in for the fun of it. Do you see where I’m going with this? You are exactly right … I am going no where with this. All I wanted was one stinkin’ picture for my blog so I could show y’all that I really did not drop them on their heads one to many times. So now, I am going to do the grown up, big girl mama thing and find the most embarassing pictures I have of them and post them instead! That’ll teach those little hoodlums precious children of mine a big fat lesson on how to be a good mother one day.

I actually did take some pictures of them tonight but once again the not so trusty camera phone let me down.



I really do love them … I promise! (that was a complete waste of time because they are so beautiful even when they don’t mean to be)


6 Comments on “* just stand beside her and smile …”

  1. courtney

    This one may be my favorite so far. Fun times! I love your family. :)

  2. melinda

    hello my beautiful far away college peep Courtney. I have missed you and your witty comments lately. And it’s a good thing you love our family since you are an extended version of it. I love your family too! Hope school is good but I sure do miss seeing you every Monday! I love you!

  3. chrisi

    okay so i was the one who cooperated, and you still put this up? shame on you.

  4. Amy Barnes

    LOVE IT!! Wish I could have been at Wendy’s to see the 1, 2, 3 countdown.. ha

  5. Amy (aka 'mimi-shell')

    Oh, I am so glad I finally had a minute to get online & catch up on your blog! I also love your family & have been missing you terribly! We have GOT to get together soon – maybe lunch next week? I’ll call. LUV YA!

  6. melinda

    mimi shell … that so made me smile! lunch would be great, next week is good, call me. love you & miss you too.

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