* Thankful to my papa peep Thursday …

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It is once again Thankful Thursday and let me just tell you, I am soooo thankful today! There are several reasons for my overly joyous mood tonight … a) I no longer feel like the short bus ran over me b) I had a productive day at work and c) I cashed in a Christmas gift today.

For our Thankful Thursday post I am going to concentrate on reason c. Are you curious little peeps now pacing your nest floors wondering what reason c is? Oh, you had to pee? sorry, I thought you were pacing frantically with worry, I’m glad you’re ok. Anyway, today I am once again Thankful for something I could live without and usually do but certainly enjoy not living without on occassion … reason c is the hour long massage gift certificate that my papa peep gave me for Christmas. Today, I cashed it in and got my massage!

Because I know you are curious or because I actually feel like writing tonight, I want to share my massage experience with you. A couple weeks ago I called up the number on the gift certificate thingie and hooked me up an appointment. I nearly forgot all about it but as luck would have it, I noticed it on my calendar for today. The fact that I had not shaved my legs in weeks this morning did, more than once, enter my mind, but fortunately for me, I am a rational chick & figured men never shave, so I would be safe. So I work diligently whilst counting down the minutes on the clock until it was time for me to go. At 3:50 pm I made my escape & headed straight for heaven on earth. I have never been to this particular place & I was just a tad nervous about stripping down butt neckid in front of a stranger, not nervous enough to not go but nervous none the less. I walk in & what do ya know … a tiny pixie looking lady, the approximate size of my left leg, was waiting on my arrival. Lucky lucky me. At this point I am seriously considering taking my chunky fanny right back out the door but, the aroma in that place was hypnotizing while making me queezy all at the same time, it confused my nostrils a bit. So there I stand looking somewhat like Shamoo washed up on the beach of Never Never Land. But I’m brave (or I really really wanted a massage) so I stay! Tinkerbell shows me where to go & I follow her in my now incense induced zombie trance. I haven’t sniffed that much burning vanilla passion fruit on a stick since college. Next thing I know, I am laying on the table being slathered up like a pig fixin’ to be roasted at a 4th of July bbq. Just as a side note here, I am really surprised that those massage people don’t charge extra for the plus size massage … you know like when you order online & the fine print says $15 extra for plus size items. I mean, seriously, it would make sense, cause I’m certain she used at least a costco jumbo size tub of oil on my now rather slickerie self. Ok, back to the massage … she found deep tissues I wasn’t even aware I had. She gave an entire new meaning to finding knots in my back, I am pretty sure she may have unraveled some DNA strands. And then holy cow, she puts these hot pad torture devises things on my back. I debated the tactfullness of rolling my neckid, simmering, chunky fanny right off that table, heading straight for the toilet & cramming whatever I could get of myself in the bowl. Scoot over scrubbing bubbles … my set ablaze fanny is taking a plunge. I did, however, manage to maintain my composure & did not literally show my butt. Alas, I survived! And believe it or not, I felt purty dern good when she finished. I should tell you it was a little difficult getting dressed afterward, my clothes kept sliding back down the oil slick that is now my body.

To my papa peep … thank you very very much for the gift. To any of you fellows, you should consider one as a gift for your wife, sister, mother, daughter etc … or you could be like my husband & go with the oil change as the most romantic gift ever.

ps: don’t forget tomorrow is “Freaky Friday” you are in for an interesting post! so don’t forget to stop back by.


7 Comments on “* Thankful to my papa peep Thursday …”

  1. Amy (aka 'mimi-shell')

    This sounds like heaven!! Maybe except for the burning flesh part. I’m a bigger wus than you, but i think i could give it a try. Maybe Tim could get me that for Valentine’s. (Yes I realize that was a week ago, but I surprised him with an actual big present, so he sorta owes me) LUV YA!!

  2. courtney

    Oh my goodness, Melinda! I really enjoyed this story.
    Be good. :)

  3. Jodie

    You are tooooo funny.

  4. Amy Barnes

    Sounds like fun, but I think my husband would agree with Richard… ha

  5. Tony Jones

    hellooooooo my wonderful friend. As you know I had a good rubbin’ myself by the same pixie …. she is far stronger than she looks isn’t she, she really hurt me (but we both know woman can hurt me and I like it) I am certainly going back as soon as I heal. My wonderful coffee club got mine for me I guess I have to pay for the next hundred.

  6. melinda

    your dern right she is stronger than she looks, she is like mighty mini mouse! and did you really have to add the “I’m a twisted freak” comment? you couldn’t have just left it alone? not gone in that direction? just skipped right over it? and you think women are crazy? you my wonderful friend are the crazy one! and in a year or so when you’ve healed, maybe you will have saved up enough moola to go back & see the pixie at Never Never Land.

  7. chrisi

    hahhahahhahahahha tony.

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