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Posted on February 20th, 2009 by melinda in "Freaky Friday"

Hello peeps! Thank Goodness it’s Friday … and that means it’s time for my weekly (im)poster to join us for a new edition of “Freaky Friday”. This week, I have hidden car keys, threatened grounding & taken a computer nicely asked my youngest daughter, Anna, to be our guest. She agreed, mostly because, she did not want to sit home, grounded with no computer all weekend. But hey, whatever works! I’m not going to bother telling you a thing about her … I think she’s going to cover it all. Be prepared to laugh, shake your head or say “no she didn’t say that” cause you will probably do all three of those … and now, without further ado, I give you Anna (banana, we are so original at our house)

Ladies and Gentlemen, kids of all ages … (poof)


Alright. So it’s me, Anna, the baby. So mom has been buggin me about doin this and i finally agreed. (although i had forgotten the fact that i had agreed to do it until i got home sore, cold, and completely exhausted from soccer practice with a bunch of math homework) but hey those of you who know me, know that i will do anything to get out of doing math homework:) so here i am…blogging…i know, weird right? i feel like a nerd but hey, nerds are cool….especially REID!! For those of you who do not know Dr. Reid…he is only the youngest/hottest/most intelligent man of all time…and you can find him on Criminal Minds(my favorite tv show). Anyways…i dont really know what to blog about so i am going to do what i do best…be RANDOM!! i am one of the most random people you will ever hear from or meet…so hold on tight while we take a ride through the Randomoligy of Anna:)
*soccer rocks! but why does it have to be 20 degrees below 0 while we are running against the wind?
*i hate running with a passion, so why the heck did i fall in love with the sport of soccer where all i do is run for 80 min straight?
*i think it’s because i play defense and i like knocking people down.
*i AM a winner…it must stay that way…losing is NEVER an option. (if you ain’t first your last!)
*how is it possible to hurt in places i didnt even know i had on my body??
*David Beckham is the hottest soccer player to ever walk the face of this earth!
*Victoria Beckham is the luckiest woman alive…oh and she rocks because she is POSH SPICE (for those of us who are still in love with the spice girls!! chrisi was posh…i was ginger…it still remains that way today)
*different subject….sorry for all the boys/men reading this…but get over it…
*i had to go to the store and buy some tampons the other night…i am determined they only cost so much because mr. tampax pearl knows that we girls must have them to survive and so he thinks he can just charge whatever he wants because we HAVE to buy them!!
*oh and im sure you have all read that my my prom dress is absolutely gorgeous:)
*im a bit of a hippie
*i like boys names for girls.
*bapa spoils me…and i love it. but mostly…i love him.
*unlike most teenagers…i dont party. and i DO tell mom everything…just so everyone knows…she is the best mom ever…i can prove it.
*i am a country girl who wears Tony Lamas (thanks to my most amazing uncles) and cruel girl jeans.
*i want a f250 super duty extended cab long bed. (i dont ask for much 😉 hahaha)
*i am gonna move in with my sister since i got WAIT LISTED!! i know wait listed?! oh well their loss not mine…anyways me and chrisi together again should be interesting.
*i like dancing and driving down the road with my windows down and music blaring.
*mom often wonders how she had such a cool kid like me:)
*i am so ready for summer.
*i am going to major in english/lit. and minor in history/social sciences…and be a high school teacher…
*i am strong in my faith. and eric is the best pastor ever! he teaches me how to stay strong in the world we are living in. and his wife Anita, well she is the most kind-hearted person i know.
*cathy brown is my 2nd mother. i want to thank her for yelling at the neighbors at the campground when they yelled at us kids…
*although my stepdad richard may not know it…he IS my dad…maybe not biologically but he’s my dad…and he rocks at being a dad…although i might not call him dad…ever…even if there is a fire(inside joke) i want him to know i love him…and he’s stuck with me (lucky man)
*DIRTY DANCING is by far the best movie of all time…IM CRAZY FOR SWAYZE!!
*why do we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway? just a question
*i love movies and according to bapa…ive seen every movie ever made…and he may be right.
*screw being a princess, I want to marry a vampire .. I am such a Twilight junkie!

well yall are probably tired of my randomness…and i have homework to do…so i guess that’s it. if you ever feel the need for more randomoligy of anna just holler and i’ll do it again. (oh and for those of you reading who are not from the good ol south below the mason dixon line…when i say “just holler” it doesnt mean you really have to yell…just so you know)

peace out:)

Ladies & Gentlemen, kids of all ages … (poof)

I’m back, however, I will sit here quietly for a moment and let your mind come to a slow halt. And now that you’ve met Anna, maybe you will understand our life here at the treller a little better or maybe you will be convinced I did drop her on her head one to many times. She is such an awesome kid & she makes me laugh till my tummy hurts. She goes about 72 mph 24/7. So now, go on down to the comment box & leave her some lovin’ … she did a great job! And remember unless you want to see the ugly side of this mama bear, play nice with my baby!

me. & Anna

11 Comments on “* “Freaky Friday””

  1. Jodie

    Anna, Although we have never formally met, I wanted to say hi..and it was nice to “meet” you. You and my daughter Holly sound a lot a like in what you believe in and who you are. P.S. You are right….Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze…oh yea!

  2. courtney

    Anna, I LOVE you. And I love your randomology, it makes life fun/interesting. Now I will respond to some of your randomness.
    * I love Criminal Minds(and Reid).
    * I do not actually love soccer, but I love that it makes your family happy — I also enjoy your knocking girls down. :)
    * I enjoyed your Ricky Bobby quote mingled in there with your passion to win.
    * I loved the spice girls!! And playing the Spice Girls.
    * I am thrilled beyond belief for you and your new, amazing prom dress!
    * I’m with you on the not partying – I too tell my mommy everything, but I must disagree, I have the best mom ever. 😉
    * I cannot believe someone would wait-list you. You are too awesome for words! I also cannot believe that you and Chrisi will be living together again. Willingly.
    * Oh my goodness, I am so ready for summer, too!
    * I think you’d make a really good high school teacher. Yay Anna!
    * I LOVE Dirty Dancing too. To borrow a quote from you “IM CRAZY FOR SWAYZE!!”
    * I’m pretty sure you, your mother, and Heather made me start the Twilight series. And I hate you and love you ladies for it – now I feel like a 13 year old girl. But I did really like the books.

    Anna you rock. Excellent post.

  3. cathy

    You did a good job Anna Banana. I will yell at people any time for my daughter. Love Ya your other mother

  4. Amy Barnes

    Woot Woot!! Way to go Sister Bear!

    About Darn time my girlfriend! I was so excited to see this Freaky Friday post!

    Ladies & Gentlemen, she really was not kidding when she said Chrisi was Posh & she was Ginger…Imagine this: We were having such a great time riding home from a softball game and POOF {I’m stuck in the middle of Chrisi and Anna} One singing in the left ear and one singing in the right ear… Such amazing fun times to never forget.

    Okay now this is a shocker…Miss Anna YOU LIVING WITH CHRISI!! haha I can’t wait to see this. I think Mama Bear better get ready!

    And, I’m definitely excited that you found the prom dress of your dreams. Even though your mom got lucky and you got it off line – she has to admit we had a wonderful time last year going to pick one out! =]

    And I so can’t wait til we can ride horses together again! It will be so much FUN! And I can’t wait until Miss Bailey gets here…She’s going to LOVE her Anna Banana so much…But for sure not as much as I do.

    LOVE YOU GIRL!! Great Post! =]

  5. Heather Sharpe

    I knew there was a reason why I loved you!! You are sooo funny and I also love, love, love Criminal Minds and Dr. Spencer Reid!!! I love Twilight (but I like Jacob better!), and like I have told you before, “HE” better not get in your face (more of the inside joke). well, i guess I will go, but “I’ve had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you” thanks to your blog entry! Yes, that is what I had said!! See ya Chicka!
    P.S. Tell Dora, I mean Ana I said hola, and we need to play Apples to Apples again soon!

  6. Jason Durmire

    I got a thank you the last time I posted I wonder what I can get this time! :) Enjoyed the read. I can’t believe you forgot to mention JJ Jareau, played by AJ Cook, the cutest FBI Agent ever. (By the way I looked up her last name and her real name on the internet to sound educated in the ways of Criminal Minds). All in all, it was a good post but I don’t know if I agree with the picture selection. :)

  7. chrisi

    ohh anna, my baby sister anna, you better be this funny when you move in with me or you will have to sleep outside. :) we can stay up late and sing spice girls all night…since i’m posh and you’re ginger and all :) we will just have to find the other 3 spice girls. or maybe…we’re so good we don’t need any of the other girls?!? love youu!

  8. melinda

    maybe Courtney & Amy can come “play spice girls” with y’all when you live together again. And just for everyone’s fyi, it isn’t mama bear that better get prepared, it’s bapa bear! bless him … And Courtney, I’m pretty sure your mom is at least tied for best mom ever! And about the living together thing, Richard said they aren’t building Anna a new bedroom onto the compartment, he is going to buy her a storage building & but it up against the sliding glass door! such a good dad!

  9. Elaina

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  10. Eric

    nice post anna and speaking of randomness if bapa ever gets you that f-250 see if he can make it two. Donated to a preacher would be a big tax write off.

  11. Amy

    Anna, you are so precious! Very good blog, entertainingly random! I would be honored to be included in the ‘spice girls-apalooza’ just tell me when & where! And, awww Courtney, that was so sweet – maybe one day Melinda and I will have to have a ‘best mom cage match’ but for now I’ll settle for a tie! Once again Anna, you rock! You are such an individual, and I know that’s not always an easy thing to be, but soooo worth it. LUV YA sweetie

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