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Posted on February 23rd, 2009 by melinda in "Not Me Monday"

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

hey y’all! Are you ready for my weekly time of confession? I somehow feel like I should be pulling up a little stool in a dark booth somewhere and promising to tell the truth to whomever is on the other side of that wall thing. But I guess for now, y’all will have to do. So what is it that I absolutely did not do this past week? For starters I did not get sick and declare that I was sure a small bus had run over me. During my illness that I didn’t have, I did not take the easy way out and do a silly post about a lame name game. That would have been cheesey and I am never cheesey. And after I felt better I did not cash in one of my Christmas gifts from my papa peep and go have an hour long massage, that would have been self indulgent and I so never indulge myself. I did not have occassion to jump with joy when the dear ole IRS deposited our tax refund into my normally very tight budgeted checking account, I have plenty of moola, why would that have made me excited? I did not lose my dog once nor did I nearly call the pound when he ran away for the second time in a week, I like standing outside in the freezing cold at 5:30 am on Saturday morning, it was really much more fun than sleeping late under my cozy snuggie blanket. And because I don’t love my bff Cathy so very much, I wasn’t at all concerned that she was so sick this week, it didn’t worry me one tiny bit. After not enjoying baby bailey’s baby shower, I absolutely did not go buy every single item on my grocery list this week and take great pride in the fact that our refrigerator & cabinets are stocked to the hilt, I have so enjoyed only buying the essentials these last few weeks. And lastly, I absolutely did not laugh at my younger daughters randomness in her “Freaky Friday” post, she doesn’t humor her mother at all!

ps: melinda 1 point vs mrs. butterworth 1 point … I so did not whoop some pancake butt!

Now, it’s your turn … not many of you do this, but I promise you should try it … it really is good therapy!


5 Comments on “* “Not Me Monday” …”

  1. purejoy

    i did not post my not me monday WAAAAAAAY before mckmamma (who still has not posted. what the heck is up with THAT!!?)
    glad you are feeling better, have a nice juicy IRS check to fill your checkbook and are gonna have some pancakes. me, i’m going to dry my hair and resist the urge not to hit refresh a dozen more times in the next 5 miuntes.
    peace, and have a bountiful week!

  2. chrisi

    i did not enjoy still having my braces off and make kelly take another picture of me for my professional portfolio. why would i want another one? the first one was okay. i did not jump for joy when mom said i could have some of her coupons so i could go grocery shopping too. i did not have a lonng weekend at work, but a great saturday night at mom’s with friends and family. not me, we never have fun. i also did not come home from work last night to a meal cooked by my wonderful boyfriend–all of that italian chicken, roasted potatoes, snow peas and red peppers, and crossants–were definitely not for me. Why would he cook me dinner? To be nice?? Pfff!
    That was my week in a nutshell :) Love you Mom!

  3. Amy (mimi-shell)

    Ok, first of all, I am not at all worried that this will sound lame because this is not my first time responding to the not wickedly funny Melinda’s ‘not me monday’. Hmmm? I did not work overtime last week so of course I would not have reason to whine and complain to anyone who would listen. Nor did I appreciate Tim giving me a pass on fixing supper for most of the week – cause he is by no means the best, most understanding husband ever! Nor would I curse the new baseball coach who kept my son so busy that I have only seen him a total of one hour in a week! Why would I do that-it’s not like i like the kid or anything! So I am surely not hoping for a better week!

  4. melinda

    omg! I am so proud of you! now didn’t that feel good! if it didn’t just lie to appease me, you’ve had a long time to practice that. thank you for doing a “not me” … you did a great job. and how dare that evil coach keep you from seeing wilbur, btw, I did see will at walmart on saturday w/ some girl! and I would have to agree, you do have a pretty good husband but I will lie lie lie if you tell him I said that. love you & miss you! and have I told you lately that I love your daughter? she is so wonderful.

  5. Amy (mimi-shell)

    Well thank you – it was fun! Believe it or not Will actually told me he saw you and passed on your message – I miss and love you too!! Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me about Tim (Btw, he is very concerned that your cell is ‘temporarily out of service’ & he’s feeling neglected) And thank you, I happen to think Courtney is pretty awesome myself! How did we get so lucky? From the way things started . . . ? LUV YA!

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