* they’re just a product of their raisin’ …

Posted on February 25th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

please tell me I did not just post this picture on my blog!

please tell me I did not just post this picture on my blog

Hi peeps. Let’s just jump right in tonight. It’s getting late & I need a hot bubble bath in a bad way. But before I start the warm suddzie water … I have to share something with you tonight. I have known, at least the majority of my life, that I live in a small, somewhat, hickish town. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my little piece of paradise here in the good ole south but there are days even us southerners have to shake our heads and say “please tell me that did not just happen” … tonight was one of those times. I was driving home from Bible Study, (which went well, thank you for asking) and Anna calls my cellular mobile device. I of course answer it right when it started singing at me pull over to the side of the road, come to a complete stop & answer it. The following conversation insued:

Anna: (giggly) Mom!

me: (wondering why she is so chipper) yes Anna?

Anna: (still giggly) are you listening to the radio?

me: (confused) um no Anna, I’ve got a cd playing, why?

Anna: (snickering) omg! you will NOT believe what just happened on 103.7! I am so driving down the road and they are doing this dedication thing and these really hick sounding women (she is now doing her “trashy woman” impersonation) called and they are lettin’ um tawk and you will never believe where they are from or what they said!

me: (switching from cd to radio) what did they say Anna?

Anna (still sounding “trashy”) they said “we just wanna wish our hero Nature Boy Rick Flair a happy birthday from Taylorsville (which sounded like tellersville) Woooooo”!!! Can you even believe that? It was so freakin’ funny! they even said it in unison!

me: well I guess we should all be very proud here in Taylorsville tonight.

So for all you redneck women, on your front porches, in your bare feet with a baby on your hip … can I please just send you a big ole “wooooo” from tellersville tonight in honor of the, most popular wrassler ever, Nature Boy Rick Flair’s birthday. Now … go take down the christmas lights on your trellers for pete’s sake, it’s February already.


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  1. Cathy

    My lights are down (your welcome anna)but who forgot to remind everyone of the GREAT RICK FLAIR BD? Tell me that shouldnt have been added to your 80’s post. I have to admit that every Saturday before going to hide from mom and dad (so they wouldnt find us something to do) we had to watch wrestling, then we would gang up on eachother to try out the new moves. that usally got us into some trouble when mom would want to know how the pillows got off the couch, and the living room a mess. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK FLAIR…WOOOOOOO from a tellersville girl

  2. melinda

    we can’t be friends anymore! you just made me almost pee in my pants.

  3. melinda

    ps: how is it that you completely dissed commenting on the whole loving your brother essay and you comment on Rick Flair’s birthday? I am so telling Eric on you!

  4. Cathy

    I am sure he has already read it and i will once again be in trouble for blogging. Thank you very much I have been thinking hard on that subject and what i should do. I do agree with you on that post. I told Eric i wouldnt be there to here that message and he said thats OK you would be there and you needed to hear it.

  5. melinda

    oh that was harsh! you win! love you. And I think you could show me some brotherly love by coming over tomorrow while I’m at work and cleaning my house and doing all of my laundry! (although that might be a very loose interpretation of the point of the sermon)

  6. chrisi

    can i move??

  7. Eric

    Melinda, don’t act like you didn’t want to ride space mountain. He was a jet flyin’ limosine ridin’ wheelin’ dealin’, kiss stealin’ son of a gun. WHoo! Happy B-day nature boy.

  8. melinda

    there are so many things wrong with what Eric just said I don’t even know where to begin! #1 why do you know that stuff? #2 please tell me that my pastor did not just give a shout out to Rick Flair on my blog! #3 how sad is it that I can totally picuture you body slammin’ poor carla into the ground. #4 maybe we should have a Rick Flair inspired fund raiser … apparantly your & cat’s families could be the main event! y’all crack me up. I would call Cat & ask her but she’s probably over cleaning my house … or not.

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