* “unThankful Thursday”

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Hello peeps!I am not in an oh so thankful feeling mood. Nothing is wrong … I am not sick, I am not hungry (ok so that was an obvious one) I am not blahh or anything else in a bad way. I just cannot think of anything of an overly important nature to be thankful about tonight other than the normal I am thankful for my family blah blah blah stuff. So I am going to turn “thankful thursday” upon it’s little head tonight and tell you some things I am not thankful for today …

I am not thankful that Heather made me laugh until my tummy hurt while doing her impression of The Nature Boy Rick Flair … she did the hand motions and all but refused to let me take a picture of her screaming WOOOOOOOOO to post on our blog! that did not make me happy! (you would’ve laughed really hard, so if you see her, make her do it for you)

I am not thankful that Tony has been preoccupied with teaching, meetings & only heaven knows who what else this week and we haven’t had lunch but one day. It messes up my week.

I am not thankful that tomorrow I will get to spend the majority of my day filing. (Although, I am thankful to have my job).

I am not thankful that the pile of dirty laundry in my bedroom could give the Eiffel Tower a good run for it’s money.

I am not thankful that apparantly while I am at work someone keeps coming over to my house and messing it up, cause I know it wasn’t this messy when I left here this morning.

I am not thankful that Dozer attempted to elude me again today.

I am not thankful that we are nearly out of little debbie cakes.

ok, that’s all … I feel much better now. But in retrospect, if those are the only things I can find to be “unthankful” for this Thursday … I must be a pretty lucky girl. How about you? What are you thankful or unthankful for this particular Thursday evening?

ps: you can always go with being thankful that I did not post another picture of the nature boy!

pss: don’t forget tomorrow is “Freaky Friday” we have a brand spanking new guest joining us so be sure & drop back by!


5 Comments on “* “unThankful Thursday””

  1. chrisi

    i am unthankful that i didn’t get to see heather’s impression of nature boy rick flair! although it was good to see heather and brian, she somehow failed to mention that she was a pro at rick flair impressions.

  2. Earpie

    Okay Heather is just a little shy in sharing her Whoo!!. Feel free to contact her at 1-800-Whoo!! for your free demonstration. She is just acting like she is shy about it. She secretly LOVES doing the Whoo!!! PS. She is awesome at doing it!!!

  3. chrisi

    i will definitely have to call her. maybe even put her on speed dial. :) by the way earpie- who do you think he will pick on monday?

  4. Earpie

    Chrisi – I don’t want to spoil it for you but I had heard a rumor about the ending. This was the first time I had watched that show and will definitely be the last.

  5. chrisi

    why the last??

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