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Posted on February 27th, 2009 by melinda in "Freaky Friday"

Hey y’all. For any of you new folks who may be droppping by to check out our blog, on Friday’s we have a guest (im)poster here at the blog. This week I have a special surprise for all of you. My beautiful niece will be presenting you with her first ever published document. I hope you feel privilaged! She will be turning 1 next week … and has some important details to share with us. So without further ado … I bring you Ms. Emma Joy …

abbra kadabra (poof) …


Hello world! So my auntie m hit me up on my plastic tiny little cell phone, emailed my leap pad about a billion times and threatened to hold out on my daily shot of the good juice today if I didn’t write her “Freaky Friday” post for her this week. So what’s a wee peep to do to shut her up except to agree and write it. Y’all only thought I couldn’t talk yet … I’m holding out on the good stuff until my cash fundage gets low and then you will all be paying up or I am so talking. I am new at this whole typing thing so if I spell stuff wrong, get over it. Now for some reason crazy Aunt Rita thinks I look a little depressed in that picture up there … does she not know this girl is worn out? Hello! I’ve only been planning my 1st birthday party for like the entire last month. I mean, have you not met my daddies? who do you think is doing all the work around here? cause unless you count pointing, daddy thad is out and unless you count picture taking and/or recording my every move as work, daddy brad is out too. Thank goodness for mamaw Chris, what would a girl do without her? She is my right hand gal … So now, parties involve so many details … choosing the perfect invitation was stressfull enough, I mean, you so can not send out uncool invites to your wee peep posse, it could turn out to be a social fopa (that means screw up). That isn’t even counting picking out the perfect cake … I’ll have some buttercream icing thank you very much! Who to invite, who not to invite … I could very well be molding my future peepmates destiny with this one decision alone, it’s a big burden to carry. All the out of town guest, where on earth are they going to sleep, cause they sure ain’t gettin’ my crib. Hanging out with auntie m alone, without the rest of them, wears me out and now car loads of those nutsy NC people are coming here for the big doings. And then there is the theme … one cannot possibly use some so last year’s theme … should I go with Dora or the Fairies … butterflies or flowers? oh the decisions to be made! There are just not enough hours between naps to get it all done. I had best be getting my errand boys daddies busy and they better be showing some birthday love in the budget department, wait, I’m not sure what my budget even is … surely they will not attempt to limit my party spending moola. But for now, it’s time for my morning puff snack … I think I will just do what any good southern belle would do … “I won’t worry about that today, I will worry about that tomorrow”.

abbra kadabra (poof) …

I’m back! well now was she not just the cutest thing you’ve ever read. As she mentioned, we will be traveling to her house in caravan style for her 1st birthday. I cannot wait to see her again, it’s been over a month since we were there last. So feel free to go right on down to the comment section and leave her some tips on party planning, getting cash from the daddies and all that other birthday stuff litte peeps need to know about. I’ll be busy birthday shopping!

me. & emma joy

3 Comments on “* “Freaky Friday” …”

  1. chrisi

    well hello pretty girl! who knew you could write/type so well! i am amazed at what you have learned since christmas. i love your little miss sunshine jacket too! you’re so so smart figuring out how to be “loved a lot” at such a young age! now, it will take years to master it, but you have a great start so far. don’t worry, there will be no budget for you, just blink your little blue eyes at your daddies a couple of times and it will miraculously disappear. :) love you!!

  2. Thad Bentley

    Just to make it clear, Emma Joy’s daddies get any royalties from her published works.

  3. Tanner

    Emma is so cute!

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