* one cold mama …

Posted on February 28th, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


hi peeps! I am home from the soccer tournament in Asheville … the girls played great! They tied their first game 3 to 3 but could have easily won, the coach did not play his starters for a lot of the second half. The girls who don’t normally start did a great job right along with the starters. The second game we won 2 to 0 … I don’t think our goalie ever even had to come out of the goal! And now the bad news … about 8 minutes into the 2nd game, Anna got hurt. Ooops! She is now sporting a very bruised & swollen right knee cap. She and another girl jumped up into the air going after the ball, collided mid air and she landed smack on her knee and that was it for her day. But she deserves a shout out cause she wasn’t a big ole cry baby she was a tough little powder puff! Not sure if she’ll get to play Monday night or not. She is now icing it down and munching on some advil. As for me, I look somewhat like a chubby arctic penguin with very rosie cheeks, it’s a hot look for me. Unlike the more intelligent parents, The Jones’ and I sat out in the rain, hollaring like crazy people thru out both games. Dedication or stupidity, you pick. The other, smarter, parents parked right at the field & enjoyed the games from their warm cozy automobiles. And the answer to my morning pondering … no, the mini would not fit on the bleachers much to my dismay. I didn’t take any pictures today for several reasons … #1. Anna’s brand spanking new cool pix camera was in her car. Not that I would’ve gotten it out in the rain, it cost way too much (I thougt Ashton Kutcher would surely be in the box with it when she opened it) and I am way too clumsy to be in charge of such high tech. equipment on sunny days not to mention rainy days. #2. I don’t have my own camera. #3. one can not tactfully wear one’s snuggie blanket coat and take pictures at the same time and I was sticking with warmth.


And now, for some Saturday night entertainment (what that really means is, I feel the need to laugh at y’all) Let’s play a game … how smart are you? Just click right here to find out. After you take the quiz, come on back and let us know what you scored. I scored a 9 all by my little own self! Have fun and do not cheat!


4 Comments on “* one cold mama …”

  1. Jodie

    How is Anna’s knee???

  2. melinda

    hi Jodie, she isn’t up yet this morning but last night she was doing fine. It’s bruised & still a little swollen but no muscle or bone damage. Thanks for checking on her!

  3. chrisi

    i got a score of 8 :)

  4. Amy

    Well, believe it or not, I scored a 10! I am in the zone! ha! Tell Anna i hope her knee is all better so she can get out there & knock some girls around!

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