* the things we do …

Posted on February 28th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

somehow this is not how I invision today's games

somehow this is not how I invision today's games

And a peachy good morning to you too! How sincere did that sound? Not very? hmmmm I wonder why? Could it be because it is 7:15 am, it’s cool out, it’s raining and I would really love to sleep in but instead I am getting dressed (in layers) and driving to Asheville this morning to spend an entire Saturday sitting in the cold rain watching a sport I completely don’t understand? Actually, I wouldn’t care if I were going to watch the World Series today, I probably still would have rather slept in under my cozy snuggie, which I will be hauling along with me to Asheville. I will probably look somewhat like Linus toting my furry little comfort giving blanket around behind me, but it’s so warm, I can’t not take it. Plus, it even zips up to become a big ole furry blanketie coat thing! Please feel free to stop right there and comment on how sad the vision you just got of me wrapped up in my snuggie in public is going to be. But that’s my job … In fact I can accomplish two things at once … #1. I can embarass Anna sufficiently in front of all of her friends and #2. I can be a supportive soccer mom! The morning is starting to look a tad better. And speaking of my younger hoodlum child she says “oh mama you don’t have to come, it’ll be ok if you aren’t there, I mean it’s only my senior season and I’ll only be starting and playing most of the game but I understand if you’d rather stay home” well geez louise thank you very much for a quick ride on the guilt train! Anna is a smart little booger … she knew she didn’t have to play the guilt card cause her mama would never willingly miss anything either of them were doing, but just for fun (she often has a twisted little sense of humor, no idea where that came from) she decided to trump my I don’t understand why they would have a soccer tournament in the pooring down rain card with the guilt card. She wins! She couldn’t just get four of a kind or something, oh no … straight to the guilt card she goes. Neither did she simply lay it curtiously on top of my this makes no sense card, she flips it down with a big ole grin like she is playing some spades and just took the kitty. Ah my precious precious child … mommy will so pay you back! Just as a side note here, I wonder if it is possible to park the mini on their bleachers? That way I could watch her & stay warm & dry all at the same time. That shall be a point to ponder during my drive up the mountain. So now I must once again put on real clothes & leave the house. I guess I should be looking on the bright side here, it’s an excellent excuse for not washing dirty underwear all day! So let the games begin … this baby lovin’ mama is headed to Asheville.

ps: go achs … Wooooooo!!!


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  1. Jodie

    I can relate to freezing my you know what off…to support my children with their ball games. I also remember on more than one occasion feeling like my fingers were going to fall off, because I swore they were frost bit. Or don’t foget the wonderful(nasty) feeling of you hair being glued to your head from the rain(and 20 mph winds) falling down on your hairsprayed head because you didn’t bring your umbrella(becasue there was only a 20% chance of rain).There was also countless ocassions I did not have time to go home and change out of my work clothes because that would mean I would miss part of the game.But,you know what, it is all worth it when they see you in the stand…when they scored a goal(or run) and hear you cheering as loud as you can for them doing something they love. On a side note… I did learn after the first season to carry many “comfort measures” in the van. Including a cushion because the stands sure don’t feel good after the games runs into extra innings.
    Thanks for sharing…and reminding me what to put back in the van again next month when practice begins.:~)

  2. Amy

    Another thing baseball has over soccer – they usually don’t play in the rain! The cold, however, doesn’t stop either of them, so, here’s hoping for an early spring!! But you know we wouldn’t trade our frostbitten appendages for the world – and we will really miss these days . . . soon . . . too soon . . . and now I’m sad. Thanks alot, mel, for reminding me how empty my nest soon will be!! Ha! LUV YA

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