* snow? well who would’ve thunk it? …

Posted on March 1st, 2009 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.


Oh my gosh … it’s snowing! And it is beautiful! Even if I still have to work in the morning. Anna is super excited school has been called off and that excites me cause I best come home to a clean house tomorrow night! Surely you knew I would have to use my new favorite gadget and bless y’all with some snow pictures … enjoy!

my snow baby …


it’s a tad cool out here!


that’s a hot look Anna!


no daddy, I really don’t need to pee … but thanks for asking!


Sadie says “let me in the house”!


Dozer says “are y’all happy now”?


ps: if you’re visiting for the first time or 50th click on the comment box & let me know what you think of my camera skills so far.

night night!


4 Comments on “* snow? well who would’ve thunk it? …”

  1. Amy

    WOW! You are a great photogragher – how did you take that 1st one at the exact time to make Anna have a snowflake coming out her nose?! The snow is pretty, but it would be A LOT prettier at my house, not watching it here at work and not knowing if my relief will get here in the a.m. or if I will make it home in the a.m. But one thing’s for certain – my house will NOT be clean whenever I get home – unless you send Anna there after she cleans yours!! LUV YA!! Keep the pics coming!

  2. chrisi

    great pictures mom! janie wanted to investigate the white stuff outside this morning.

  3. Eric

    You don’t really think that is a snowflake coming out her nose do you? Good pics melinda.

  4. melinda

    snow flake vs booger … I’ll never tell!

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