* and they loaded up the car …

Posted on March 5th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


Well praise be … the first car load of hillbillies my family is now officially on their way to Tennessee for the big birthday weekend extraviganza! The next car will be departing at approximately 4:00 pm eastern standard time if any of you peeps would like to jump aboard the crazy train and join us for the weekend, you are welcome to come along! You’d have to be insane to volunteer but you are certainly invited. Poor Emma Joy is probably going to develop some life long fear of birthday’s as a direct result of the impending festivities. In all seriousness, I am so glad my grandmommie is going. She did a great job of getting up & getting everything ready this morning. I was a bit worried she may decide not to go & I would have been disappointed. So a big thank you to my favorite boss for letting me take an additional vacation day to insure she was sufficiently packed and gently placed into my dad’s car on time … and she was on time! Did y’all notice how smooth that was? I just gave a shout out to my granny peep & my boss all at one time! If you get a chance this weekend, please do one of two things for me … option #1. say a prayer for my poor brother, he isn’t use to all of us being around at once or option #2. laugh hysterically because you know he is about to eat an entire bottle of valium and is counting the hours until Sunday morning, when he can tactfully say goodbye & thank heaven that he lives 7 hours away from all of us. I’d probably go with option #2 if I were picking. And now, unless I plan to spend my entire weekend wearing the same fashionable sweat pants I had on last night and am now sporting with my wife beater tank top & uggs (now there’s a visual you could’ve lived without huh?) I might ought to go pack some clothes for myself. Next post … Tennessee!

little miss sunshine … I cannot wait to see her!

what the crap did y'all do to her hat?

what the crap did y'all do to her hat?


2 Comments on “* and they loaded up the car …”

  1. chrisi

    it looks like they need to add some elastic inside the hat for her. chubby wubby baby.

  2. courtney

    awww yay! This trip is so exciting. Happy Birthday to Emma Joy! :)

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