* her birthday eve …

Posted on March 7th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family


One year ago today was the last day we spent without Emma Joy Bentley Balentine in our lives. Today is her 1st birthday party, tomorrow is her first birthday. What a year it has been! I cannot even begin to imagine our lives without her. I have been to Tennessee more this past year than I have been in a total of 5 years prior to her birth and as long as the drive is, seeing her smile is worth every mile. I’m not sure how many of you know how she became to be part of this crazy insane family but I will never be convinced that it was just by chance. Not to mention we could probably make a small fortune on Jerry Springer! However you feel about how she got here makes no difference to me, I know that she is meant to be part of our family and isn’t that all that really matters anyway … you are part of your very own family who loves you just the way you are. We are certainly a mixed up bunch somedays but there is never a day we are a bunch without plenty of love to go around. And today we are going to love on her just a little extra (or extree as mamaw would say)!

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  1. Jodie


  2. Frannie....

    Happy Birthday Emma Joy! God bless you and your daddies.

  3. chrisi

    we sure do have a lot of extree love for you this weekend :) happy birthday sweet baby..

  4. Jason

    Happy Birthday

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