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Posted on March 8th, 2009 by melinda in my not so normal family

Thank you Jesus … we have all arrived home safe & sound. I appreciate all of you who said a little prayer or kept us all in your thoughts while so much of my family was traveling this weekend. We had a really really good time, contrary to my normal murphy’s law excursions (everything that can go wrong will go wrong) nothing went wrong.

I would, however, like to take a minute to point out a couple of things from our trip …

1. my papa peep has got to be the most patient man on God’s green earth. He should win some father, bapa, son in law, brother in law major award (maybe it could come in a big box marked fragile)

2. I can be more stubborn than my grandmommie occassionally. I am so glad I won & she went with us.

3. I do not posses the patience of Job that my daddy does. My father is probably praying we will find some nice home retirement village to reside in as oppossed to living with me. No wonder he kicked me out … bless him!

4. My children lie! They accused me of snoring like a dying moose & I know for a fact that I do not snore … at all.

5. My daddy’s sister’s can fly into action like some tazmanian devils no matter what their location. They scare me a little when they start “gettin’ stuff done” I just move out of their way cause someone could lose an eye.

6. The Best Western breakfast buffet starts very early.

7. My grandmommie will overlook clean underwear laying in front of her on the bed but can scope out a Cracker Barrell sign at 80 mph while riding down the interstate.

8. My mama’s Peggy was up & dressed before any of the rest of us (please note we have waited on Peggy to be ready for every event in our entire lives & she has yet to be on time … how she managed this feat this weekend I will never know)

9. My brother did not eat an entire bottle of valium this weekend.

10. I’m pretty sure my uncle Robin was measuring the bunk house to see what of his & Jamie’s stuff will fit in there when he decides to pack up and move to Tennessee.

11. Brad’s mom Chris has patience equal to my daddy … bless her! Brad says “now you know how it feels to have your head full of Bentley’s 24/7 mom”.

12. Chrisi was too tired to pose for a picture!

13. My dad’s head did not blow off his shoulders upon my grandmommie’s request to stop for ice cream on the way home 1700 times. By the way … y’all want to guess if she got ice cream or not?

14. Brad had to go “fix the water” in the bunk house on Friday night. The water still isn’t fixed!

15. Emma Joy is so loved & had an icredible first birthday!

and last but not least …

I am so very thankful for my family and our friends. Those of you who went with us and those of you who sent sweet birthday messages. I don’t think I can ever tell you how much I love & appreciate you.

and just because I can … one more video from the weekend!

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3 Comments on “* please exit the crazy train to the left of your cart …”

  1. Amy

    I totally love ALL the pictures & videos & stories of the trip! Too, too cute! I’m so glad you all had such a great time, & no ‘murphey’s law’ moments! I have 2 comments on your comment, though, if you don’t mind.
    1. Yes, your dad (papapeep, bopa) is a most patient & precious man, who I also love
    2. As one who has shared a room/bed with you many many times – you do snore.
    Anna, I hope your knee is in playing shape for this week! Chrisi – luv the blog, read it all, can’t figure out how to comment! (duh!)

  2. chrisi

    you are getting way good at smilebox! i loved this one even more than the other two (if that is possible)…
    a few things on your numbers…
    1. the first thing i thought of was the christmas story with the huge box with the leg lamp coming in it saying “frraaagiiilllee”
    2. grandmommie reminded me on a regular basis how stubborn you are.
    4. we do not lie! you did sound like a dying moose while you were snoring!
    12. i was extremely tired that day!
    15. emma joy is way adorable and i wish we were still there with her. :)
    love you!

  3. chrisi

    amy- thanks for reading my blog! it is a little different than mom’s though…
    1. below each post it will have the number of comments written so far..click on that
    2. type your comment in the box
    3. on the drop down box where it says “comment as:” select Name/URL and just type in your name.
    if for some reason that doesn’t work, just let me know :)

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